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April 12, 2019

Thorbjorn Olesen

Augusta, Georgia

Q. 71 today. How would you assess your round out there?
THORBJORN OLESEN: Yeah, I thought I did pretty well. I played solid yesterday and today, sticking to my game plan and, yeah, I mean I hit two poor tee shots down 17 and 15, but besides that I played really solid.

Q. The scores aren't as low today. Is there something about kind of early mornings here like yesterday and today that kind of play a little tricky with the wind?
THORBJORN OLESEN: Well obviously it was a bit rainy and cold this morning and the ball wasn't flying as far and it's really soft. So it's playing a little more difficult there.
But beside that I thought the course was pretty scorable. It's soft so you can be a little bit more aggressive than normally here. I felt like I did that, I hit some really good shots but I didn't really quite get all the putts in. But it was a good round of golf.

Q. Heading into the weekend what's your mentality as you go forward here and try to continue to stay in contention?
THORBJORN OLESEN: Well hopefully we don't get all the bad weather this weekend and hopefully it firms up a little bit.
No, I'm just, I just got to stick to my game plan. Like I said, these two days, I feel like I'm rolling the putter nicely, it just doesn't really drop in yet, but it could come over the weekend.

Q. What is that game plan? Seems like game plans around here seem to be key for how you guys are able to be successful.
THORBJORN OLESEN: Yeah, you know, first time I got here I had some nice practice rounds with players that have played here a lot of times. And I took a lot of notes from that. And I got Morbey on the bag who's been here a number of times and has won here, so we had a good look around on Sunday and we made a good game plan and pretty much know what to expect and, yeah, that's what you got to do around here.

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