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April 12, 2019

Charles Howell III

Augusta, Georgia

Q. Nice day today, 5‑under 67. Gets you to 4‑under par. Just assess your round and what went well for you out there.
CHARLES HOWELL III: There was still a little bit of moisture left in the golf course from the rain this morning and so it rewarded a good shot. I was able to get out to a nice start today, birdieing the 2nd hole. I think that's, starting with a par at the 1st and birdieing the 2nd I kind of calmed down a bit. But out here you never know, man, I always kind of hold my breath around here, I've seen every good and bad shot this golf course has to offer. So it keeps my attention for all 18 holes, I promise.

Q. You were on the 16th tee when play was suspended. What were the conditions like for the last three holes when you went back out?
CHARLES HOWELL III: Well, I had an 8‑iron in my hand and it, the wind was kind of down off the left and it really wasn't even a big one, it gets to spinning and it comes back and it's a hard 7 short. So it changed quite a bit there for a second and, man, that ball holds, I guess the only worse hole to be on would be No. 12 with that wind bouncing.
But, yeah, it added a little bit of complexity but fortunate to get it done.

Q. Got yourself into contention here in your hometown, a lot of family and friends around, what would it mean to kind of be in this position as you head into the weekend and what is your mentality for the next two days?
CHARLES HOWELL III: Well this is a golf tournament that you never want to miss. However, it's a golf tournament that if I do miss I watch every shot on television.
So it's a special place. The membership, everybody's always been wonderful to me, and they really are doing so much great for the game that it's a fun place to play the weekend.

Q. And your mentality heading into the weekend for the next two days?
CHARLES HOWELL III: Do the best I can. I mean you just never know around here. If you hit the right shots in the right spots you can make some eagles and, but it's also about being extremely patient. But it is the weekend and it's the Masters and there's a lot that goes into that with emotions, etcetera, but, yeah, just do the best you can.

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