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April 12, 2019

Devon Bling

Augusta, Georgia

Q. How did it go out there today for you?
DEVON BLING: It was kind of a rough start, I guess. It was kind of raining hard in the beginning and the first two holes played definitely a lot different than they did yesterday, but overall I played solid.
I hung in there and I fought hard and I actually made a really good birdie on 16 coming in and that was a tough pin, so I'm overall pretty pleased on how today went.

Q. What did you hit in on 16 and you also had a birdie at 5, which has been playing real tough. Tell me about that.
DEVON BLING: Yeah, so, yeah, 16 I had 185 yards to the flag and I hit an 8‑iron. I guess I was a little bit juiced, a little bit pumped up, I guess, but, yeah, I hit an 8‑iron and it came off perfectly.
On 5 I hit a really good drive, I hit a bad one yesterday so I kind of changed my line off the tee and hit a better one and then 6‑iron from 197, made one of the longer putts I made all week, so it was, it felt nice to birdie 4, 5 and 16.

Q. You said yesterday that you were going to spend some time assessing what could go a little better today. What did you come up with for a game plan for today?
DEVON BLING: Well, I first looked at the two holes that I did worse on, so No. 5 and number 18. And they're both problems that happened off the tee. So on both of those holes I changed, I have this shot that's basically a fairway finder shot that most of the time guarantees my ball's sitting in grass afterwards. And I hit that off both tees and I knew even if it kind of veered off line it wasn't going to go too far into the woods.

Q. What is a fairway finding shot exactly? What are you doing differently? Slower?
DEVON BLING: It's one my coach Chris Mason actually taught me. It's just one I tee down and you just kind of aim a little left and just hit a low fade and as long as the ball cuts, you have five, it could cut two yards and be in the fairway or it could cut 25 yards and be in the fairway. So it's just one that you just have to make sure you have a low fade on it and you're just fine.

Q. So it looks like you might have a good chance to make this cut here. Are you going to be watching closely this afternoon to see how that cut line looks?
DEVON BLING: I will be, yeah, definitely. Honestly, I'm hoping‑‑ I'm hoping I make the cut, but overall, I held myself pretty well, I handled myself in all these difficult situations, I handled myself really well and I'm overall pretty pleased, so if I make the cut, that's amazing, I get to play two more days at the Masters. If I don't, it's not a let down, it's definitely, playing this week is definitely a positive to my golf game and I'm just going to use that going forward.

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