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April 12, 2019

Ian Woosnam

Augusta, Georgia

Q. How did you feel it went this week?
IAN WOOSNAM: Well, as good as it could be for me, really, because at the beginning of the week I came to play it a couple of rounds earlier on and I know it's a real struggle for me around here because I got a thing called AS and every time I come to the Masters walking up these hills, side slopes and everything, it really affects me.
It's a shame because I feel like I'm still playing pretty good, but when you're walking all the way around here with a bad back and it just takes, it takes the energy out of you. But I enjoyed every single minute of it today and it's great.

Q. Back next year?
IAN WOOSNAM: No. No, this is the last one. So sad to go.

Q. When did you determine that?
IAN WOOSNAM: Well I determined it about a couple of years and I got a telling off from my wife, she said, get out there and do it again.
I just decided to come and play a couple more times, but it doesn't seem to get any better any time I come back. But the walking, it's just, it's a shame, it is‑‑ maybe if they will give me a cart or something like that I'll come back. That would be all right. But I don't think I'll get that.
But it's been a pleasure being here, being a champion, I look forward to coming for many more years.

Q. What's your clearest memory from '91?
IAN WOOSNAM: From '91? You know, holing that putt on the last green. Knowing that this is my opportunity and I took that opportunity. That was it.

Q. Any chance you will change your mind this time?
IAN WOOSNAM: No, not this time. Unless I can sort of come up with some new medicine or something that would really help me or if I ‑‑ I got to go and have a MRI soon, but I can't see that making any difference, it's not really changed for the last 30 years.

Q. Would you like to soak it in more this year knowing that this would be your last one?
IAN WOOSNAM: You know, I wasn't sure if it was going to be my last one, but I was happy just to play the last two days because I didn't think I was able to get around and I managed to do it, so it was great.

Q. Do you wish you maybe announced it sooner so you could get a different kind of reception so people would know?
IAN WOOSNAM: No, you know, you could do but you don't and I'm not that sort of person to be in the limelight, I just like to mosey on out. So that's it.

Q. But you'll come back, will you play the par‑3s and‑‑
IAN WOOSNAM: Par‑3s and be part of it, get my Green Jacket on, float around and enjoy it, you know. Maybe I'll be working.

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