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April 11, 2019

Kevin O'Connell

Augusta, Georgia

Q. It was not a boring second nine for you, was it?
KEVIN O'CONNELL: No, it wasn't. I hit a pretty good drive on 11. And it was in the rough by about a yard. And I had to hit a pretty good cut to kind of get it on to the green and out of the rough. And ended up in the water. That made a big difference. You're really just trying to get through 12 on the back nine and you feel like you have some scorable holes. So make a double at 11 and a bogey at 12 hurt, but made some birdies coming down the stretch.

Q. And the birdies, how long?
KEVIN O'CONNELL: 13, about a 12‑footer. 12‑footer on 15. And 10‑footer on 16.

Q. You had some practice rounds out here. How much different was it the first competitive round?
KEVIN O'CONNELL: Yeah, I think as much as anything, you know, a lot of the guys that I've played some practice rounds with told me that you'll feel like you have the course kind of figured out in terms of the conditions and the pace and everything. And then you show up on Thursday and it will be a lot faster and a little firmer than you thought it might be. And they were right. The greens, especially on the second nine, as we got later in the day, got faster. But in terms of the playing in front of all the patrons and everything, after the first tee shot, that was really the only time you're really thinking about it.

Q. Kevin, where do you practice in Jacksonville?

Q. Do you get some kind of privileges?
A.I had to join there, I joined the Dye's Valley course there. And as a member of that course I'm allowed to practice there, as well.

Q. Everybody finding everybody nice and friendly, are you enjoying yourself here?
KEVIN O'CONNELL: Yes, absolutely.

Q. How long has it been?
KEVIN O'CONNELL: January 1st my wife and I moved down.

Q. What's your plans as far as after this event, your next step in your career?
KEVIN O'CONNELL: I have an exemption into the U.S. Open. Just trying to go back and I've got a couple of events between this and the U.S. Open. Working on my game, have some fun at the U.S. Open, and then trying to see what I've got from there.

Q. You going to give the qualifying process a run?
KEVIN O'CONNELL: Yeah. It's a Walker Cup year, it's a big goal of mine first. As well as Q‑School goes, that's a decision for much later in the year. Probably until the middle of October if I do it. Walker Cup is first and foremost today.

Q. What time did you get up today and were there butterflies?
KEVIN O'CONNELL: Surprisingly, no. My caddie and I were talking about it. We both slept well. I think we were tired from all the practice rounds. I woke up at 5:45 and got to the golf course about 6:45. And it's a little nervous warming up, but nothing too bad. And then the first tee shot I actually hit that tee shot in front of more people yesterday. So that helped, you know. There were a lot of people. But yesterday it helped in that regard.

Q. A lot of guys have the apparel contract, you have the Augusta National cap there, when did you get that?
KEVIN O'CONNELL: I picked it up along the way. They allowed us to come out a couple of weeks after the win.

Q. Overall with the experience today, was it everything you thought about all these years?
KEVIN O'CONNELL: Yeah, playing with Mike and Shane was awesome, too. Mike was very complimentary, and a great guy. Both of those guys made it a little bit easier than it could have been, too. It was everything I thought it might be.

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