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April 11, 2019

Lucas Bjerregaard

Augusta, Georgia

Q. What has the big finish at the Match Play done for your confidence?
LUCAS BJERREGAARD: It's done a lot. It was a great week, beating Henrik, and then Tiger was giving me a lot of confidence. I've always had a belief in myself, but it's nice to show that I can do it, not just to myself but to everyone else. It's been nice with all the attention the last couple of weeks. It was a great week, one I'll never forget. And, yeah, it's given me a lot of confidence. I'm happy with the start today.

Q. There seemed to be quite a few guys with little or no experience out here doing quite well, how do you explain that?
LUCAS BJERREGAARD: I feel like I've done my homework. I've watched the tournament on TV the last 15 years so I know a little bit from that. Obviously my caddie, Jonathan, he knows his way around. And I've been relying on him quite a bit. We came here and had a look at the course. And we did our homework well. And today really showed that. I drove it nicely, but then I was able to put it in some good spots where it was pretty stress free, didn't have to fight for my par that much luckily on a couple of holes, so that was nice.

Q. Was there one shot where his experience really made a difference, where YOU might not have seen that yourself and played it differently without it?
LUCAS BJERREGAARD: I think all the preparation, that's what's really shown. We had a really good‑‑ we had a good game plan and we stuck to it. So there wasn't really anything that‑‑ maybe some shots I would have taken on a bit more where he told me to hit it there instead which paid off. And which, as I said, made it a little bit stress free, which really helped out. It was nice to have him there.

Q. How happy with were you with the overall performance?
LUCAS BJERREGAARD: Happy. The putt on 18 hurts a bit. But other than that, only two mistakes, drove the ball nicely, didn't miss many fairways. It was pretty good.

Q. Talk about the par‑5s.
LUCAS BJERREGAARD: Just drove it nice. Had a 7‑iron into 13 and 6‑iron into 15 which helps. And then we managed to get the wind right which was nice. So those were two again stress‑free birdies on the green, two putts. Those were really nice. And it kind of made the round good.

Q. When you see Henrik succeed, you see Thomas Bjorn, see what he did, how much inspiration was that for you?
LUCAS BJERREGAARD: I've always looked up to‑‑ Tiger's always been my main idol, but then Thomas and Henrik have always been a big inspiration, I think, especially for my generation back home. They were kind of the first to really hit the big scene. And Thomas has been good to me over the years, I've gotten close to him and he's been nothing but kind with advice. He sent me a nice text the other day to enjoy this week. He helped me a lot, that's for sure.

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