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April 11, 2019

Patrick Reed

Augusta, Georgia

Q. How is it to be back out there, it's a long year, Green Jacket everywhere.
PATRICK REED: It was awesome. Yeah, it's a first. I was more nervous than expected, coming back and defending it. Obviously the adrenaline was going, because normally I hit 3‑wood to take the bunker out of play. So for one hopping into the bunker, obviously the adrenaline was going. We're happy enough to get away with the first hole in par and get the round going.

Q. When did the nerves die down a bit?
PATRICK REED: Really after I made the putt on 1. I felt it off the first tee. Once I made the putt for par on the first I was back to normal. From there it's let's just go out and play golf.

Q. Did you get up this morning feeling normal and just when you got up to 1 tee you were surprised by it?
PATRICK REED: You know, actually I felt good when I woke up. Felt good during warmups, and I was on the first tee, and about two minutes before the announcement, it's all right, I looked over, I saw the 1 next to my name. Okay. Here we go.

Q. How would you assess the round? It was a little up and down, obviously. You kind of battled it back, especially 16 with a really nice par save?
PATRICK REED: Yeah, you know, that's kind of how it was. It was just kind of an up and down day. I felt like the ball‑striking was a little loose. I felt like all in all my putting‑‑ I felt like my short game was where it needed to be, I just kept‑‑ even if you hit quality golf shots here, if you miss it by a foot one way or the other, it leaves you a very hard next shot. And I had a couple of shots like that, and hit a couple of shots that the wind changed or had a poor swing. And you do that, and it's very hard to get yourself really well.

Q. How does your swing feel versus how it was in Austin?
PATRICK REED: Feels way better. I just feel‑‑ feels more comfortable. I think that's the biggest thing. We had a clear picture on what we were trying to do and what it's supposed to do with the golf club. And now it's just to go out and execute the golf shots. The good thing is once I got to Austin I felt like I had put together a lot of quality swings, and after that whenever I was home, and I've been here all week I've been hitting the ball really solid and really steady, working it both ways.

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