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April 11, 2019

Rickie Fowler

Augusta, Georgia

Q. Did anything about the difficulty of the course surprise you out there?
RICKIE FOWLER: No, this golf course, you've got to respect it. It can tear you apart really quickly if you're not careful. And I think we did a good job with everything out there today, I felt like the greens were a little slower, I thought. And then that one happened to be a little faster. That's going to happen out here.
But I hit a lot of good putts that didn't go in. But the tough part I think out here today was some of the pins, it was tough to get it close. I really told my caddie I didn't have a birdie look until 11 is as far as one that was maybe flat or uphill that you actually tried to make. You get some downhill putts out here and, yes, you can make them, but for the most part you're just trying to get good speed and if it happens to go in, it goes in, but you don't want to try to be aggressive with it. Yeah, the discipline part of it is sticking to not trying to get too aggressive or try to do too much and kind of accept what the course gives you.

Q. Are you surprised there wasn't a lower score yet? I think 3‑under is the lowest. Are you surprised at all that no one has taken it to 5‑ or 6‑under?
RICKIE FOWLER: Yeah, I definitely see 5, 6, 7s out there. But like I said, it's a fine line. You get a little off and it's tough to get the ball close enough. I mean I shot 2 today and I birdie one of the par‑5s, so I didn't take care of the par‑5s. And that's where you can at least turn a good round into a really good round. You can stay with that round with playing the par‑5s well here. And so I'm happy with where we're at, having room for improvement on the par‑5s. But I definitely saw that there was five or six out there, no problem.

Q. Is there a couple of pins today that you were talking about?
RICKIE FOWLER: There was a couple similar areas, but they used I think one of the main ones, 14, very front right there. Literally you had to fly it almost pin‑high to keep it up top. I landed it two yards short and it hits into the slope. Not sure where many others‑‑ I just tried to play to wherever they were, and not hit it in the wrong spot. But that was one that you could tell we hadn't seen just because of how close it was to the ridge.

Q. You did well here last year, Sunday, did you carry that into today?
RICKIE FOWLER: Yeah, I thought about it a little bit. I lean on the past nine years here playing and understanding how to play this golf course and how I play it. Not everyone plays it the same way. And I have to play to my strengths. Yeah, thinking about how I played last year, and how I played on the back nine and executing. I felt like I did a good job. Kind of hanging on in the front and then playing a good back nine. Like I said, it would have been nice to play the par‑5s better today, but we're off to a good start and that's what Thursday is about.

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