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April 11, 2019

Viktor Hovland

Augusta, Georgia

Q. How do you think you did?
VIKTOR HOVLAND: I think overall I'm pretty happy about my game today. Obviously I had two three‑putts and a couple of short putts that I missed. But I had some really good recovery shots here and there and kind of had things go my way on a couple of holes. So, yeah, I mean overall I'm happy with the start. And there's three more rounds to kind of build on it.

Q. What's it mean to be part of this tournament and go out and do what you did?
VIKTOR HOVLAND: Yeah, I mean it's something that you dream about all your life and it's why you're practicing all the time. So it was kind of surreal to be standing on the first tee or just being out there the whole time. It was almost‑‑ I almost had to kind of get out of my own head because I was just trying to‑‑ okay, I'm in a bad spot, I need to make a par, so I'm just kind of relaxed and doing my best, kind of letting it all sink in. Yeah, I mean, it was awesome.

Q. What does that mean to play golf with some of the best in the world?
VIKTOR HOVLAND: Yeah, I've already had a couple opportunities to play the PGA Tour. I played three PGA Tour tournaments. I hadn't done all that great in them. But I felt that really helped me to kind of prepare for this event. Obviously you're used to watching them on TV all the time. And Patrick has won here last year and Webb is an awesome player. And, yeah, it is a little strange, because I'm used to playing with the guys on the team and guys I know really well. But, it feels really cool.

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