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April 11, 2019

Adam Scott

Augusta, Georgia

Q. Best round here in five years. Does that sort of say what the preparation was coming in and how ready you were?
ADAM SCOTT: Yeah, okay, I'll go with it. Yeah, look, it's a great start on a kind of tricky day. Even though it wasn't windy, I just felt it was very hard to get it near any of the pins through the first seven holes, whether I was just slightly out of position or the pins were just tough.
And even though‑‑ there were a couple more after that, but I've never seen ‑‑ those pins on 8 and 14 seem to be getting closer and closer to edges. So it wasn't that easy to give yourself many chances. And I'm seeing that by the scoring being held back a little even though you don't get better conditions, really.

Q. Is it nice to start well, because the last few years you've probably given yourself almost too much work to do after the first two rounds?
ADAM SCOTT: Yeah, it is. Yeah, it is. I mean, one of the things in, generally in my career, I'm kind of a slow starter, certainly the last 10 years, I don't jump out of the gates, it seems. So I don't know if this is jumping out of the gates, but it's certainly is great.

Q. How were you able to stay patient today and kind of let it happen?
ADAM SCOTT: I was confident with my game generally and I, so I was just waiting for the chance maybe some experience showed up in that. I never really got frustrated with anything, even with the bogey on 12, which was a little disappointing, but I knew I would get the right number somewhere and I got that on, I got a nice one into 15, which is always nice, because you don't like fiddling with hitting a 200‑yard‑plus shot into that hole.
And then 17 and 18 I hit great drives and had good numbers and took advantage. And that's kind of what you have to do, get some momentum going, even though, over the last two holes, I feel like teeing off from this position tomorrow afternoon is a hell of a lot better than even par.

Q. Jordan talked about the confidence he gets whenever he just returns to the grounds here as a past champion. Do you feel a similar sense of boost whenever you get here each spring?
ADAM SCOTT: I guess so. I've talked a lot about kind of being at piece with the golf course and understanding it can give you a lot. It can take it away as well, but certainly I feel like there's a lot of good karma if you treat it right out there.
And Fred Couples played great around here for some years, a past champion, a lot of past champions have a great rapport with this golf course and I think I kind of get that feeling too, so it does give you a little pump.

Q. What's your assessment of the new tee on the 5th, the tee shot specifically at the 5th?
ADAM SCOTT: I like it a lot. I think it's a great improvement to that hole. It's long, but everyone hits it long, so they did the right thing. They softened some of the contours on the greens and I believe it can receive a 5‑iron and a 4‑iron now, whereas previously it was a little more severe up above that shelf and they softened that up and we're seeing shots stop on the greens with long irons, and I think they have done a nice job with that hole.

Q. Are the bunkers in play off the tee?
ADAM SCOTT: Oh, yeah, absolutely they are. They start at 280 to 314, something, and it's right where you land it. But, no, now, they have given us at least a fairway to look at, at that distance, whereas before it was on the corner and it was a very narrow, fiddly tee shot.

Q. Jason tweaked his back in the round and had some work done after the second hole. Do you still hope for the Australian contingent that he can kind of pull that together and finish the Tournament?
ADAM SCOTT: Yeah, I mean part of me thinks that that's nothing new, he knows what to do, I mean he seems to have a bad back all the time and plays great. So I'm sure he knows what he's doing. Hopefully, it's nothing major and he gets through and then he can play the rest of the week.

Q. He'll be your partner, right?
ADAM SCOTT: He'll be my partner in two weeks, so I need him at Zurich.

Q. How much help are you getting from putting with the flag stick in the hole?
ADAM SCOTT: I didn't ‑‑ a bit, obviously, I've putted well with it in this year and I think I got some disapproving murmurs on the 1st when I had like a one and a half footer and I put the flag stick back in. But until something doesn't work I'm going to keep leaving it in.

Q. You talked about your confidence coming into this week, compared to recent years, where would you rank your confidence right now coming into this event?
ADAM SCOTT: No, it's better, but I don't really have like the results to be screaming that I'm the most confident player here, but I certainly, I know where and when my game is coming into really good shape and I can see it coming back and I think I got some good confirmation today with some solid ball striking, which is, which has been coming this year, it hasn't been bad by any means, but I, when I strike it really well I think I strike it with the best of them and I hit a lot of greens and that showed up today. So I feel that kind of validates everything I've been working on the last few weeks.

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