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April 11, 2019

Gary Woodland

Augusta, Georgia

Q. In terms of your rounds here, what, where does that rank among the most consistent start to finish for you?
GARY WOODLAND: Yeah, I felt good today. I felt good on the range. We made a little change to the putter grip two days ago, I put a bigger putter grip on, I was playing with Kisner in a practice round, I was messing with his and I just felt more comfortable. I felt like I got big hands, it felt like I could control the putter face better. So that give me a little more confidence going in.
I've been driving the golf ball beautifully for the last few months. I drove the golf ball well, I felt very good over the putter and I made some nice saves for par. It was nice to make a putt on the last hole. I would have hated to have made double.

Q. When you play as many times as you have, are you comfortable now on the golf course when you tee off on a Thursday?
GARY WOODLAND: I am, I'm a lot more comfortable because I'm more comfortable with my game. The golf course, I've had a lot of knowledge, I played practice rounds with Watson and a lot of people that have came here before and have gotten knowledge from local caddies, so I have all the information.
Obviously, having Butchy on the bag, who has been on the bag winning here, is a huge help, but I'm more confident in my game and what I'm doing. I think the big deal for me today is I didn't aim at many pins, I aimed where I was supposed to hit it. I picked targets more up in the air, more off the top of the trees instead of aiming at that flag. Because it's hard for me sometimes, all I see is that flag and I want to go at it and around here that's not a good thing to do some times.

Q. Missed cuts the last three times you've been here, is that something that you feel like, in entering this week, that that was something you had to address in terms of just when to be aggressive, when to lay back?
GARY WOODLAND: Yeah, I mean I want to be aggressive, but I have to be conservatively aggressive I would say is the way to say it. I'm playing, I'm attacking my targets, I just got to change my targets, I just got to change the, get away from those pins and aim at the right spots. I mean I played with Tom Watson seen him shoot 1‑under around here hitting hybrids into almost all these holes. I know how to play this golf course, I just have to do it myself.

Q. Does the wind, did the wind matter much as you went through the round?
GARY WOODLAND: It started to swirl a little bit. I mean, I was very excited about that third shot there I hit on 18 and it flies over the green.
Did the same thing to me on 17.
It's starting to swirl a little bit. It picked up a little bit above these trees. Down below you're not feeling much but above these trees it's definitely blowing a little bit.

Q. How good was the putter today? A lot of par saves, not really long ones that look like they make a difference but they made the difference today for you.
GARY WOODLAND: The putter felt great but the good thing for me was I kept it below the hole and when you do that you can putt aggressively. That's hard to do sometimes out here, especially with the spots I've hit it over the last couple years. But I controlled the ball well enough where I gave myself chances to be aggressive with the putter and I hit great putts today.

Q. What's it like to have Butch on the range this week? You guys don't get to see him out much.
GARY WOODLAND: Yeah, I haven't seen Butch in a while. I've done a lot more work with Pete Cowan the last couple months just because I haven't seen Butchy.
So it's always nice, Butchy is as good as‑‑ obviously there's a lot of good teachers out here‑‑ but Butchy is as good a coach as anybody in the world. He knows what to say and when to say it. And he keeps it pretty loose out there usually too.

Q. Is it more of a between the ears thing with Butch like this week than it is anything else?
GARY WOODLAND: Like I said, because Butchy and I haven't worked, I saw him last week, he was in Florida last week, so I did go spend a day with him. But I haven't seen Butchy since November, so it's more of mental stuff out here than anything. Having a beautiful day this morning, talking about being more aggressive today into my targets instead of aiming at every pin when I get out here.

Q. (No Microphone.)
GARY WOODLAND: Yeah, it is, retirement for Butchy is going to be a little bit hard. He's been the No. 1 teacher in the world for 20 years, at home I think Christy controls, wears the pants in that relationship, so he comes out here, he controls all of us, so I think he likes coming out here a little bit.

Q. 7 and 5 have been kind of tough holes for you, not a lot of birdies on those holes. You get birdies on those holes today. How big was that for you?
GARY WOODLAND: That was nice. I played more aggressively on both of them. I hit 3‑wood on those two holes, really every year I've been here. I hit driver on both of them today, so I got shorter clubs in my hand.
But obviously 5 now with the extension you almost have to hit driver. That was a nice 5‑iron getting in there.
But 7, I hit driver and I had wedge in my hand, I've usually hit 3‑wood and coming in there with an 8‑ or 9‑iron and that hole's really hurt me, but today with a wedge in my hand I could be a little more aggressive.

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