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April 11, 2019

Jovan Rebula

Augusta, Georgia

Q. How did it go?
JOVAN REBULA: Pretty good. I feel like my game was very solid today, much more solid than I thought it was going to be. I hit a lot of good shots out there today, which I executed well, the way we planned it. So I had a good game plan and we stuck to it today and it was pretty good and very fun.

Q. What was it like being on the first tee, in your head?
JOVAN REBULA: I mean, it was nerve wracking, for sure, the butterflies were going, but at the end of the day we have been in that position before. The first tee shot for any golf tournament is always nerve wracking, maybe this one a little bit more, but, yeah, just kind of did the things that I usually do and kind of just went with it.

Q. Looking forward now, what are you thinking?
JOVAN REBULA: Yeah, I mean definitely I feel like I'm in a decent position. I wish I could have made that putt on 18, but I felt like I kept it in there today. I got over par quickly in the round today and was 2‑over for the majority of the day and made a good birdie on 8 and then birdied 12 and 13, which kind of gave me a good bit of hope for the rest of the round.
I hit good shots coming in and I'm very pleased with the way I played today for the first time out here, so, yeah, I'm really looking forward to tomorrow.

Q. Were you able to play a practice round with your uncle out here at all?
JOVAN REBULA: Unfortunately, not, no. I mean it's difficult just for us, it's difficult to get out here with the schedule that we have at the university and I mean his schedule is even greater than mine.

Q. Did he give you any tips though that kind of paid off today?
JOVAN REBULA: He did, yeah, for sure. I mean the main thing ‑‑ we were speaking a good bit these last couple days over the phone ‑‑ and the main thing that I took away was him just saying at the end of the day you're a good golfer and you're there for a reason, which kind of gave me a little bit of belief. And I mean he just said, at the end of the day you just got to hit good shots and that's what we did today and we just stuck in the moment and, yeah, it was, I think what he said was most, was very basic and simple, but helped at the end of the day.

Q. On 12 how long was your putt?
JOVAN REBULA: 12 was about 10 feet.

Q. Okay.
JOVAN REBULA: 10 foot, yeah, which was a big putt for me to make. It was a big swinging right‑to‑left putt and to make that just gave me confidence going into the next hole for sure.

Q. The 18th hole is playing as one of the hardest for birdie, what's making it so hard?
JOVAN REBULA: In all honesty, if you just get your tee shot in the fairway, it's very straightforward. I just honestly just didn't hit a good second shot in there.
What makes that hole definitely difficult is you don't know what the wind's doing, because you're standing up on the tee box and the wind's, when the wind's feeling like it's straight down and you come here and you're looking at some of the flags around here and it's playing a complete different direction.
So I think just picking a club on the second shot is maybe a little bit difficult. But at the end of the day if you just hit a decent shot in there you'll make par.

Q. If you don't make the cut, what would you take out of the tournament?
JOVAN REBULA: Yeah, that hasn't crossed my mind, to be honest with you. But just the enjoyment and the privilege to be here is something truly special. As an amateur what these, what the members and the Committee does over here for us is something pretty special. So I would just like to convey all of my thanks to every single member out here who makes the journey worthwhile for us.

Q. Do you think it will be easier the next time around?
JOVAN REBULA: Oh, I mean the first time is always probably the worst. Obviously the next time will be a little bit easier.

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