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April 11, 2019

Tiger Woods

Augusta, Georgia

Q. You got to 3‑under, obviously gave one back, but 2‑under par for the day, you have to feel pretty good about the round.
TIGER WOODS: I do, I felt like I played well and I did all the things I needed to do today to post a good number. I drove it well, hit some good iron shots, speed was good on the greens.
And it was tricky, the winds as of right now it puffs up, it goes down, it switches directions, and it's typical of this golf course, it just kind of swirls out there and it's hard to get a bead on the exactly what it's doing at all times.

Q. Do you believe you beat the bad winds after the rest of the afternoon is going to help the cause?
TIGER WOODS: I don't know, because sometimes what happens is you get that lull in the evening, the guys that go off real late, winds are dying down and you get probably a good six, seven holes where the wind is pretty benign. But I thought that today was, as hot as it was, the ball was flying a long way and to take advantage of it.

Q. Knowing what you're capable of doing on this course and considering the start you got, how good do you feel going into the next three rounds?
TIGER WOODS: I feel very good. I feel like I played well today and I controlled my golf ball all day. I've shot this number and won four coats, so hopefully I can do it again.

Q. What happened on 15? The second shot.
TIGER WOODS: Yeah, well, I had 231 and I hit a 4‑iron that flew 242. And then the next shot was probably the hardest shot I had all day. It was up on a root and I had to play short, I laid up on my chip to make sure I didn't catch the root and blade it in the water. So I laid up with a chip, had an easy little up‑and‑down from there and was able to move on with par.

Q. Is there almost no rhyme or reason about you not shooting under 70 in the first round going on to win is almost like it's not a bad start?
TIGER WOODS: No, it's not a bad start. I've only shot like under 70 one time, but I've shot 70 the four times that I have won here.
So we still have a long way to go. Tee off late tomorrow and the wind's supposed to be up, so I have my work cut out for me the rest of the week and so does everyone else.

Q. (No Microphone.)
TIGER WOODS: Yeah, you know, especially with it as warm as it is, the ball's going a long way so that we can get down there where we're going to have irons into these par‑5s, excluding 8.
But I thought that I played the par‑5s well and I was in position there at 8 to make birdie, I didn't make the putt, but I felt in position to make birdies today and I missed a couple on the front nine, a couple short ones, but overall I felt my speed was really good all day.

Q. Was that a comfortable wind for you on 13 and 15?
TIGER WOODS: Yeah, it helps having it down on 13 for me. I don't quite carry it as far as some of these other guys who hit it 320 in the air. So that's, that helps me a little bit.
But it's interesting that, how they moved the tee markers over so that we can't hit that gap up the left. They do a lot of little things that make this golf course a little tricky.

Q. (No Microphone.)
TIGER WOODS: Down the hill? No. No. I was just trying to lag it down there. It's uphill and then really quick downhill, I had a little ridge right in my putt, luckily I saw Haotong hit his putt, he hit it probably about 10 feet by and so that was a nice little teach.

Q. Do you feel any different at all going into this week that about doing the four‑day grind and making sure it lasts all the way, as opposed to whatever's gone on in the last several rounds that you played?
TIGER WOODS: No, the whole idea is to try and peak for four times a year. And so I feel like my body's good and my game's good, it's sharp, so just got to go out there and execute and I got to do the proper things and if I do miss I miss in a proper spot.
So, I mean, there's a 61‑year‑old up there on that board, he knows how to play this golf course, so it's a matter of missing the golf ball in the correct spots and picking your spots and when to be aggressive.

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