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April 10, 2019

Fuzzy Zoeller

Augusta, Georgia

Q. What does this mean to you now, to have an opportunity to come out here and give the fans a thrill?
FUZZY ZOELLER: If you're a golfer it is a very magical spot. There's not words to describe ‑‑ once you get here and are able to play it and then be a participant in the tournament, and have a, like me, an opportunity to win the golf tournament, there's no words for it. It's just special. Very, very special.

Q. Do you still get those feelings, those chills when you drive down Magnolia Lane as many times as you've been down it?
FUZZY ZOELLER: Yeah, I do, I really do. Because it's flashbacks, it's like flashbacks how it used to be. But the chill is still there. Even when I came down here on Sunday morning coming through there, you look at that beautiful lane and it pictures don't do it really a lot of justice until as a participant you go there and you get to stay there for awhile, it as great feeling, it really is.

Q. They had the Champions Dinner last night?
FUZZY ZOELLER: I got to tell you Mr.Read went well beyond the call of duty, those steaks were tremendous. And the staff there at Augusta is always first class. But they went well beyond the call of duty last night.

Q. First one after we have loss Mr.Ford. What was that like?
FUZZY ZOELLER: It's a little different, I think that Bob Goalby‑‑ because those two always sit together, those old cronies, God love them‑‑ but it was still nice. Bob and I were talking about Doug yesterday, God bless him, a great guy. I mean, the only one we were missing last night was Burkey and he was down in Houston, so‑‑ but he's only been up here a couple times since I've been here in 40 years.

Q. Goalby told a pretty good joke we heard.
FUZZY ZOELLER: Well it was all about the old guys. Again, guys that ‑‑ you weren't even born yet and all you do is read about it. Yeah, they told some pretty good stuff on Mr.Hogan last night. I got to admit it was good. Stuff that you don't hear, that they all lived with.

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