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April 10, 2019

Matt Wallace

Augusta, Georgia

Q. We are here on the 9th green of the par‑3 course with the winner of the 2019 Masters Par‑3 Contest, Matt Wallace. Matt, congratulations and here to give you your prize is Joe Ford of Augusta National Golf Club.
JOE FORD: Matt on behalf of the Augusta National Golf Club and the Masters Tournament, we congratulate you for winning the Par‑3 Contest and we wish you the very best in the Masters Tournament. Thank you very much.
MATT WALLACE: Thank you much, sir. Thank you.

Q. Matt, congratulations. Tomorrow you'll tee off in your first Masters tournament and I'm pretty sure you're well aware of the jinx. No Par‑3 Contest winner has ever won the Masters. Was that in your mind at all as you went to the last tee knowing that you were tied for the lead with Sandy Lyle?
MATT WALLACE: Yeah. I wanted to hole that putt on the last and I didn't and then went to a playoff and it got a little bit more serious than how the nine holes went and I guess I just I wanted to win this, I want to break history somewhat.

Q. There are many, many players in the past who have said, somebody's going to do it sooner or later, so it might as well be you. Obviously the highlight of your round, I'm sure with help for your caddie and girlfriend Chelsea Joss was the hole‑in‑one at 8.
MATT WALLACE: Yeah, she called a great number. She was like, come on, this is my job, just hole this one. And Eddie Pepperell, who we were playing with, was like, this is perfect for you, you've got a great pull in your locker. So I hit it straight at the flag and it went in. So it was a fun moment for us and very happy to do it here.

Q. You made an interesting comment. Sandy Lyle has won the Masters, he's won the par‑3 twice before. We thought he won today because there was a bit of a discrepancy in the scoring, it got sorted out, you said you were aware you were tied for the lead when you got to the last hole. But you talked about how it changed. How did the atmosphere change once you went to the playoff?
MATT WALLACE: I don't know. I don't know if it was, if it was Sandy or the way that we went into it. We got up there and everything kind of mellowed out and it was a little bit more serious than how we went about it on the, with, in our group. So no, that's, Chelsea and I had fun out there and in the playoff and what we said, we said we were going to hit it as close as possible and get it over and done with so we didn't have to walk up those stairs again.

Q. What club and yardage?
MATT WALLACE: It was a 54. I think it was playing 108 yards.

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