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April 10, 2019

Mike Weir

Augusta, Georgia

Q. Doug Ford passed away and you have his, share his locker. I was wondering, what was that like for you this year to ‑‑
MIKE WEIR: Well it's different, it's different not having Doug there. I've got to hear a lot of great stories, especially the one, when he won his Masters, had his Masters victory, that he plugged it in the bunker on the left of 18 and holed it and Bob Goalby was telling the story and Doug just kind of winked, you know.

And so, there's just a lot of great memories with him and meeting his family and yet he's not here this year.

Q. Your thoughts on the locker, a little emotional?
MIKE WEIR: Yeah, for sure, he was definitely, yeah, he was ‑‑ he was a quiet inspiration, a quiet champion. But I heard all those stories from the guys‑‑ he didn't talk much about himself‑‑ but everybody around, Bob Goalby and Jackie Burke when he comes would talk about what a fierce competitor he was and what a great player.

Q. So I heard Goalby told a pretty good joke last night.
MIKE WEIR: Yeah, he did. Yeah, it was good.

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