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April 10, 2019

Sandy Lyle

Augusta, Georgia

Q. Did you see that coming?
SANDY LYLE: No. I had no idea. I missed the first green as well. I made an easy par.
But, yeah, strung some birdies together and then even the 8th hole I had about a five and a half footer up the hill and Woosie had already putted from just behind me on exactly the same line and it managed to hit the hole and come out. It was a good putt too. So I was a little miffed, it was a 5‑footer uphill, just a little bit of left‑to‑right. I thought, if I can hole that, I should be able to maybe to beat my all‑time record, but I think I just equalled my all‑time record at 22.

Q. Have you won it before?
SANDY LYLE: I won it twice.

Q. When was the most recent one?
SANDY LYLE: It was '87 and '88 or something like that.

Q. What does it mean to still be able to get out here and give the fans some thrills, obviously as a past champion here?
SANDY LYLE: Yeah, I think you just try to challenge the golf course, most of the time. You have big crowds, you want to make some 1's if you can and if things aren't going so well the first three or four holes, just have some fun. But I fortunately had some good starts and I had a whole bunch of birdies in a row so I thought I better keep my game face on and see if I can do.

Q. How many in a row did you make early?
SANDY LYLE: About four in a row I think it was. Yeah. It was the 2nd, 3rd, 4th, 5th. Four in a row.

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