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April 7, 2019

Kyle Busch

Bristol, Tennessee

Q. Kyle, I said in the press conference, you got to keep an eye on this guy because he will do something that will make you go 'wow'. I went 'wow' when you won this race because I didn't see that coming. How were you able to get that win today, brother?
KYLE BUSCH: I don't know, man. I kind of said wow, too. I agree with you a little bit there. We just weren't quite our best today. I don't know where it was. Certainly we were competitive. We were top four, top five. We just were never the number one dominant guy.
It seems like the Penske cars had us all covered today. Our Skittles Camry, we worked on it all weekend long, tried to make it better and better each and every time, but just couldn't quite get it to where I wanted it. Just didn't have quite enough speed.

Q. You weren't with the show today, you were the show. He tied Lee Petty, 10th on the all‑time list. Getting closer and closer to making that 100 happen.
KYLE BUSCH: I hear you. Depends how long you're going to be in the booth for on whether or not I can break you by the time I get to that point (referring to Jeff Gordon). We might be talking about that later on.
Let's not count our chickens too early. Being able to come to Bristol, we know we always can run well here, we know we always have a shot when we come here. Today we did a good job of being able to execute all day. We did a good job of working on the car in practice and in the race here making adjustments every time.
There at the end I thought it was pretty good. I felt really good about it when I was out front, when I had the lead. It just was to lose. Had chatter in the rear tires, those guys were getting by me. I had to settle in, not run so hard, pace myself, see if I couldn't run them back down.
We were inching towards them at the end. If it would have went green, I don't know if we would have got there, but we were trying.

Q. We'll have to expand the trophy case. Make it bigger.
KYLE BUSCH: The Bristol trophies especially are a little bigger. It's awesome to get this Toyota in Victory Lane. Certainly I want to give a shout out to Rheem, Stanley, Monster Energy, Cessna, and the fans. The fans being here today, it was cool to win in front of them. A lot of Rowdy Nation here today.

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