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April 7, 2019

Mi Hyang Lee

Rancho Mirage, California

Q. Nice job today. Oh, my gosh. Talk to us about your round.
MI HYANG LEE: I mean, (indiscernible ) on the back nine because was good start 1st and 2nd hole. Then, I mean, I think I did not bad. I mean, I didn't make the bogey back nine, so that is way better than second and third round.

So that was my goal, I would just come down and keep my plan the back nine then. But just only one shot is like maybe No. 18 tee shot. I think that's is my -- only one shot bad like today.

Q. You were disappointed in your tee shot?
MI HYANG LEE: Just a little bit, yeah.

Q. You steadily climbed the leaderboard. Were you watching at all?
MI HYANG LEE: No. Even I didn't know until last hole. I asked my caddie, Do I need to make birdie or eagle, and he said just, Oh, just focus on your golf.

Then after I make par he said, Just you have to make eagle just have a chance. So, yep.

Q. Are you happy with the finish?
MI HYANG LEE: Oh, yeah, of course. Am I second? Third?

Q. You're second.
MI HYANG LEE: Second. Even I didn't know that. This is my best finish in major, so should be better after. We have like four more majors. Yeah, this is a really good momentum for me, so, yeah, I'm so happy with this week.

Q. What does this do for your confidence going forward?
MI HYANG LEE: I mean, it's a lot of camera and people cheering and watching me that back nine, but still I can control by myself. I think my mental is more better than before. That is more confident, yeah.

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