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April 7, 2019

Lexi Thompson

Rancho Mirage, California

Q. Lexi, I know you wanted that birdie obviously at 18. Couple of rough moments throughout the week. To finish the way that you did, how nice is it? How much confidence does that give you moving forward?
LEXI THOMPSON: It feels amazing. I birdied the 1st hole and actually hit a ball OB on No. 3 but still managed to make bogey.

My caddie Benji helped out tremendously. I was getting down a little bit, but he just kept me right in there playing aggressively the whole day and making those birdies and just firing at every pin I could.

I knew I needed to have a low round to have any sort of chance today.

Q. You're one of the best ball strikers in all of golf. We talked a lot about that putter. What do you think was the difference for your putting performance this week?
LEXI THOMPSON: Well, I did change to a new putter this week just for the even roll. I think it's just being confident over the putts. Picking my line and not really overthinking it. Just getting into it, doing my routine, my one practice stroke, and just imagining the ball going in the hole and hearing it.

I just got up to the putt and said, you know, If it misses it misses, but just get up there.

Q. This is obviously a place that is very special to you. I'm not sure who loves each other more, you with the fans or the fans with you. What do you think makes this championship so special? And not just because it's a win that you have in the past.
LEXI THOMPSON: No, that's not it at all. The tournament in general, the history behind it, the tradition of jumping into Poppy's Pond. The fans. The fans do make this tournament, too. We get such a great crowd. The crowds were great today, but I think Thursday and Friday they might have been bigger.

That's amazing to see, and it's just a special tournament in general. The golf course is always in spectacular shape, and just the atmosphere in general in Palm Springs.

Q. I don't know what your plans are and crazy things can happen and this golf course is playing very difficult. What are your plans now? Going to stick around and watch them come in?
LEXI THOMPSON: Yeah, I probably will. I mean, I'm staying about two minutes away in the house, so I probably won't be too far. Yeah, just stay loose and just keep relaxing. I am going to sign all those autographs out there.

Q. What was your mindset heading into today? Did you have a goal or number in mind when you started out?
LEXI THOMPSON: You know, before I even stepped foot out on the golf course I had talked to Benji, we had texted a little bit, and we said to each other, Let's just fire at every pin. We have to make birdies, and just don't play away from any pins. I mean, yes, some of them were tucked so you have to play just a little right or left of them, but we were like, Let's just go for the lowest score we possibly can.

Q. What do you take away from a finish and such a good round on a Sunday at a major?
LEXI THOMPSON: I take a lot from it. I've been working so hard on my game, get my ball striking more consistent. Worked with Kevin Kirk for a few days before I wasn't to San Diego, and just working on my swing in general. And just to make the putts that I did were very clutch.

So many positives. I'm just going to continue to work in those two weeks and keep on improving.

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