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April 6, 2019

In-Kyung Kim

Rancho Mirage, California

Q. Things got a little shaky there on the fronts nine, but impressively you really seemed to find some sort of rejuvenation on the back. What was the difference for you once you got the back nine after you saw what was going on and sort of things went your way?
IN-KYUNG KIM: A little? Did you mean that? I don't know. I mean, to be honest I really -- it's good to have three-shot lead going into this tournament, like look today, because I mean, I quite lost it. I don't know what it is. I think it's just expectation that I don't know I could live up to maybe.

But I've done my best. I still love playing golf. That's why I'm out here. I think that's why I quite play well on the back nine. I hit many good shots. I really enjoy golfing. Things get little hard, but I am surprised that I (indiscernible).

Q. I say a little bit, because you know on this golf course a lot of things can happen, especially on Sunday. How much do you think your experience here and the success that you've had in years past will help you tomorrow?
IN-KYUNG KIM: So far I think it's best year already for me. I think the wind really didn't come as much as I expected. That kind of got me a little bit on the front nine, that I was tough on myself.

But tomorrow is another day, and I think I've learned a lot today. Hopefully that will teach me going into tomorrow.

Q. What did you learn today?
IN-KYUNG KIM: I've learned it's hard to stay in the process, you know. But I've done my best, too, and I'm just glad to be here with my friends and still a lot of people rooting for me. I feel it, and I just want to go out and enjoy tomorrow that I get to play.

Q. A difficult front nine. What were you telling yourself to settle in?
IN-KYUNG KIM: One shot at a time really. I actually hit a lot of good shots. I didn't take advantage of par-5s, but I had great up and down on par-3, No. 5. I can take that for tomorrow. That save me a lot.

Q. Coming off a double bogey on the 9th, you go and birdie the 10th hole. What does that do for your confidence the rest of the way?
IN-KYUNG KIM: You know, you have a bad hole sometimes. That was just a little bit that I didn't expect it, but it was -- you know, I pulled a tee shot, which I'm glad that it just dropped straight down. It could have gone anywhere.

Apart from that, I feel like many good chances on the back nine. Yeah, just kind of disappointed by the opportunity that I didn't get to take it on the par-5s. Other than that, on 18 I think my process was right on. I had a great 3-wood and then hitting a wedge and made little left to right downhill putt. That kind of gives me a little bit of confidence going into tomorrow.

Q. What does that birdie do for you, changing the momentum of your round?
IN-KYUNG KIM: I feel like a lot of shots there were pin positions that were difficult, and I gave myself a lot of uphill putt and it was makable. So I think I have some expectations and I was a little bit frustrated, but other than that, I feel like I've given my best today.

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