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April 6, 2019

Jin Young Ko

Rancho Mirage, California

Q. Nice round there.
JIN YOUNG KO: Thank you.

Q. You are in the lead here through 54 holes. Clubhouse, leader. Can you talk to us about your round. Great front half.
JIN YOUNG KO: I had great round still. Yeah, sometimes happen on No. 14 or 15 also, but I had birdie on 17. It was really pressure to me, but I can do.

Doesn't matter. I'm not afraid everything, so I'm just looking forward on Sunday. Then I will really enjoy it on the course.

Also, I will really focus on tomorrow. So I will rest tonight, movie or drama something, and then just keep focus, yeah.

Q. So you're going to end up trying to relax after the round?

Q. During the round you say that you are praying throughout your shots and also relying on your caddie, really trusting in that. Can you talk about what is the difference there between the good shots and maybe not-so-good shots and how you're focusing?
JIN YOUNG KO: If had great shot, yeah, I'm (indiscernible), so it's okay. I can do everything. Or if a little bit miss shot, It's okay. I'm not robot. I'm human. Don't think about bad things. Just looking for good things. Yeah, that's it.

Q. We still have 18 holes left. I don't know if you've thought about this, but what would it mean to you to win a major?
JIN YOUNG KO: Nobody knows about future, so just knows God. I'm just trying focus on the course shot by shot, tee shot or second or rough, on the fairway or putting or chip shot, everything. I'm just trying focus on that and then enjoy walking on the course with David Brooker, so I'm really good now.

Q. Did you know where you stood on the leaderboard throughout the day?

Q. Do you watch leaderboards often?
JIN YOUNG KO: It's fun, really fun. I didn't know -- I think every players is really great round. Some players good round today, but some players so-so. I'm just thinking about, yeah, keep going, keep going, more birdie, more birdie, and then don't feel so down. Just like enjoy this course also with my caddie, yeah. And with God, yeah.

Q. Looks like there is a good chance you'll be paired with I.K. Kim. I know you guys had some pictures together on Instagram. Can you talk about that relationship you have with her?
JIN YOUNG KO: Yeah, I like. Only - I think only like to me.

Q. You hope.
JIN YOUNG KO: I hope. We are really great relationship. She's amazing. Then I'm just -- if she like this shot, Wow, amazing. I will just accept about that shot.

So I will really enjoy with I.K. tomorrow.

Q. You played well last year, but you're really playing well this year. Was there anything in the off-season that you were working on that's helped you this year?
JIN YOUNG KO: Just practice in Palm Springs. So I had couple round to this courses with my coach. I practice hard in the Palm Springs in January, like about my swing fix a little bit something, and then putting or short game, training, everything.

So I'm happy now.

Q. Did you come here specifically for the winter practice then?

Q. How long were you here?
JIN YOUNG KO: Five weeks.

Q. And you said you played this course a couple times?

Q. Who is your coach?
JIN YOUNG KO: Si Woo Lee. Korean.

Q. Is this going to be your base then?
JIN YOUNG KO: No, not yet. I don't have house.

Q. You think that helped you this week though?
JIN YOUNG KO: Yeah, for sure. But in January was really difficult weather and different now weather. Was really cold and then huge wind. Hopefully it was help me a little bit, but not much I think, yeah.

Q. Certainly were a lot of highlights. It was an up and down day, but more ups than downs. Let's talk about what happened at 14. You shot into the water.
JIN YOUNG KO: It was 109 to the pin, front was 104. Little bit cross breeze, but I thought a little bit into breeze, but my caddie told me, It's just cross, not into. So, Okay. I got pitching wedge. But I had a little bit tough, so in the water.

Okay, I'm fine. I'm not worry. I'm human. Sometimes happen on the course. And then mostly this course is really hard, so everybody can do miss shot or putting. Doesn't matter about, thinking about that. Doesn't matter.

I'm thinking of my future, so it's okay.

Q. Sometimes watching you though, especially lately, we wonder if you are human. You have been in this position before. A recent winner. Every time I look up your name is on the leaderboard. How will the nerves be tomorrow as you chase the major title?
JIN YOUNG KO: I think just play golf. Just 18 holes, not 19. All the same players in the course, and this week I know my caddie really knows this course, so he help me all the time on the green or fairways. He's really nice. We are really good team. I'm looking forward on Sunday.

Then I will praying on the course. And then God is always with me. I'm not nervous and then I'm not afraid, yeah.

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