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May 7, 2005

Tiger Woods


Q. Pinehurst is about six weeks away. This course is almost U.S. Open like.

TIGER WOODS: It is. It's playing tough, especially when it's taking over five hours to play twosomes, which is ridiculous actually.

Q. How frustrated were you out there not being able to make a move?

TIGER WOODS: I had my chance on the front nine to get it going. I hit quality shots and put myself in position and didn't make putts, and then I made a couple mistakes there. Like on 8, for instance, I was right there with a chance for birdie and ended up walking away with bogey. Things like that were big momentum blockers.

Q. You told us on Thursday you thought you were a little bit rusty and the rust might wear off. Is it still there?

TIGER WOODS: No, I feel very good. I didn't quite get it done today. I had my chances and unfortunately I didn't capitalize on all my chances.

When you're coming from behind like I was, I needed to capitalize on those things and get the momentum back on my side and I just didn't do it today.

Q. Is this golf course really that tough? Everybody is missing fairways left and right.

TIGER WOODS: The problem is the fairways are firm so marginal shots probably aren't going to stay in the fairway.

The greens are really firm, and they have some of the toughest pins you can have today. They're in the corners, all on the back. The worst you can have is up front on some of the holes. You just can't get the ball close.

Good quality shots are -- like on 17, for instance, I hit one of my best shots I've hit all day, and it landed about 40 feet short of the hole, and next thing you know I'm almost in the water. That's the way it goes.

Q. Winning might be a stretch for you, but what do you go after for tomorrow?

TIGER WOODS: Hopefully I can post a great number and have a little help. I need to take care of my own business for anything to happen, but I need to have the conditions be a little bit more difficult than they are today, but I need to get the job done myself.

End of FastScripts.

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