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April 6, 2019

Jeongeun Lee6

Rancho Mirage, California

Q. 54 holes, three rounds here at ANA. Talk about your round today.
JEONGEUN LEE: (Through translation.) The first round I shot 1-under but the second and third round, I mean, I could have done better, could have played better.

I think today my score comparing to other rounds like today, 1-under, I think that was the best score for me today, so...

Q. Talk about playing with Lexi.
JEONGEUN LEE: (Through translation.) Playing with Lexi, I mean, it was really great. It was great playing with her. There were a lot of galleries, which was pretty cool, and watching her playing, too, as a rookie player.

Q. Did you take anything away from her? What did you learn about her play or were you focusing more on your game?
JEONGEUN LEE: (Through translation.) I was pretty much focusing on myself. I didn't pretty much watching the other players.

So watching Lexi, I mean, hitting her driver pretty far, I mean, she bombs her driver, so I think that's a really cool thing to watch.

Q. You're just a couple shots back from the leaders. What are you going to focus on going into tomorrow's final round?
JEONGEUN LEE: (Through translation.) I want to improve my par-5 pretty much because there is a couple shots like I was kind of a little bit upset. But I'm going to focus on par-5 tomorrow, play well, make birdie as much as I can.

Right now my putting stroke and everything has been improved and everything is good so far, so tomorrow I'm going to prepare more my next round.

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