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April 6, 2019

Mi Hyang Lee

Rancho Mirage, California

Q. Great play. Hole in one on the 17th. How did you react when you saw the ball go if the cup?
MI HYANG LEE: So it was a same club as yesterday and same distance was. Then it was way short yesterday, so my goal was like front of the green and make the bogey.

So I try to (indiscernible) yesterday, so today I want to go to straight shot. Then wind was left to right, good landing, and just saw people, they said like, Oooooo. They were just going like they so loud.

Q. You had such a reaction. How excited were you when you saw the ball go into the cup?
MI HYANG LEE: I can tell it was a good lie. Hard to see the 181 away. Was too long for me to see. (Indiscernible.)

Q. You had a great front nine, 3-under no bogeys. What worked for you on the opening nine?
MI HYANG LEE: Was good start No. 1 and 2, so then I think I got more confident from that. It was good make par for the hard hole, like No. 3, 4, 5. Made birdie on No. 6, also. Was good chance on No. 9 but I made two-putt. No. 12 I made double, and then I miss a way short putt on 13, but was good comeback. Feels like rollercoaster.

Q. With the hole in one you won two free tickets to wherever you want to go courtesy of ANA Airlines. Where do you want to go?
MI HYANG LEE: Oh, really? I didn't think about that because my caddie told me no cars here, nothing. Okay. So, yeah, right now just I will think about it. Some vacation.

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