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April 5, 2019

Jennifer Kupcho

Augusta, Georgia

Q. Tell us about your round today.
JENNIFER KUPCHO: It was amazing. It was just a lot of fun to see the course again. I played really well. Was hitting the ball well. So I think I'm ready for tomorrow after a tough round yesterday with my hitting and everything. So we'll see how it goes.

Q. Were there any nerves? I know you played here before with no Patrons, but did you have a few butterflies still?
JENNIFER KUPCHO: I don't think -- not really, no. I had my caddie that was there with me the first time I played, so we had fun and he knows what he's doing.

Q. So that decision was made?
JENNIFER KUPCHO: Yeah, I think he's hired.

Q. Can you just tell us how are you planning to now protect your one-shot lead tomorrow, now that you have had a look at the golf course?
JENNIFER KUPCHO: I think there's going to be a lot of birdies out there, so just go out there and shoot at pins and hopefully make some putts.

Q. Were you surprised at all by conditions today or anything, the speeds of the greens or anything like that?
JENNIFER KUPCHO: I think they are definitely a little slower than they probably will be. They will probably speed them up a little bit, but other than that, with the rain, I mean, it can't be much harder than this.

Q. Do you have a number in mind? How low can you guys go tomorrow?
JENNIFER KUPCHO: I have no idea. We'll figure it out. I kind of always make a number in my head.

Q. You mentioned the local knowledge with the caddie that you had the first time out. How important is that and how much did you lean on that throughout the round?
JENNIFER KUPCHO: It's just simple thing, like on No. 9, I go, what's the plus minus? He goes plus 7 to the front, plus 9 to the middle, plus 11 to the back. I'm not going to write all that information down, so kind of stuff like that.

And just all the putts, I would read it one way and he's like, no, it's definitely going the other way. Hit the putt; he's right.

Just stuff like that, you've got to lean on a caddie for that.

Q. Did you just play one ball or hit a couple balls?
JENNIFER KUPCHO: We had to play one ball off the tee and off the fairway, so one and then multiple around the green.

Q. Did it feel like a typical practice round?
JENNIFER KUPCHO: Yeah, I would say so, maybe a little bit faster, which is nice. That's kind of how I like playing my practice rounds.

Q. How did you break the news to your dad?
JENNIFER KUPCHO: I haven't told him yet.

Q. What's the caddie's name?
JENNIFER KUPCHO: Brian Murphy, I think is his last name. Brian.

Q. Do you like playing tough courses or do you welcome the challenge that this one is going to present?
JENNIFER KUPCHO: Yeah, I think it will be cool to see how it plays for us versus how the Masters plays. I think it will be a lot of fun.

Q. What did you fix yesterday in your swing? What was going wrong then? What did you do after that?
JENNIFER KUPCHO: I think I was just over thinking it. I just went out there and played like I normally play. This week I haven't really gotten any time to practice, so kind of just rolling with what I got. I'll just play whatever comes with me to the course.

Q. How do you prepare to deal with the nerves for tomorrow?
JENNIFER KUPCHO: We'll find out tomorrow, but just my normal routine of nerves. We'll see. We'll see how my nerves are tomorrow.

Q. Have you watched a lot of Masters in recent years? Is there anything you glean from that, if you have watched?
JENNIFER KUPCHO: I have watched. I think the conditions of the course is going to be a little bit different, so you can't completely rely on what they do and how fast the greens are going to be off of hills, stuff like that.

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