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April 4, 2019

Lexi Thompson

Rancho Mirage, California

Q. Benji called you off that shot at 18. How much did you want go to for it?
LEXI THOMPSON: Yeah, he called me off the wedge I had into 18. I wanted to hit my 50 degree, which was max what the yardage was. No, just chip the 47, take the spin off, in case gust does come up. Sure enough, it did. Just chipped up there. I was like, thank you so much, Benji.

That's what a great caddie does. He's there for me to play aggressive and call me off shots that need to be called off.

Q. Speaking of playing aggressively, a lot of birdies out there today, but a bogey on No. 2, the par-5. How much did that sort of ignite the fire in you to get things going?
LEXI THOMPSON: Yeah, it definitely did. Not a good bogey obviously on No. 2. Just hit a poor wedge shot and then not so good of a drive. It wasn't in a prime spot there.

Yeah, I just tried to stay into it. I made a lot of clutch putts on the back nine to save par. Going to go out and hit a few balls on the range, get everything sorted, and just go out there confidently tomorrow.

Q. How would you sum up your day?
LEXI THOMPSON: It was a little bit of an up and down day. I hit some great shots and then hit some poor ones off the tee that I think I should have hit a lot more fairways at.

I made some great putts, which is always a big confident booster for me. I think overall I just could have hit it better, but still not complaining.

Q. You said the golf course was going to be tough.

Q. But you liked that.

Q. Do you walk away from a round like this saying, Okay, I did better than bad? In other words, I did more good than bad things on a major championship, or do you lament the fact that you made some mistakes?
LEXI THOMPSON: No. I think you have to look at the good more than the bad, especially in a major championship. I shot 3-under and that was with missing some fairways out there and just having to make some par putts, especially on that back nine.

So I'm very happy with the way I just stayed strong the whole day and came out with 3-under, and especially ending with two birdies.

Q. Describe how penal the rough is out there.
LEXI THOMPSON: The rough is thick. It definitely is. They brought in the fairways I think five yards on each side or something like that. Fairway is a lot tighter than I'm use to seeing it and the rough is up, so that's a major championship. I think it should play long and the rough should be up.

Course is in probably the best shape I've ever seen it, honestly.

Q. Did you have to adjust your game plan because of some of the changes, or same aggressive approach?
LEXI THOMPSON: I would say about the same. I actually probably hit more drivers this year than other years. It's just tighter so you just have to commit to your lines a little bit more and just still play aggressively, because they did move a few tees being back.

At the same time, if you miss the fairway you want to get the shorter shot into the hole and not have too long of an iron on this rough.

Q. Overall of the year, you won at the end of last year; play okay at the beginning of the year. Tell us what you've been working on.
LEXI THOMPSON: Yeah, I played great obviously at the CME. Went into that week just aiming up the right and hitting a big hook out there. Obviously that doesn't work over time.

I kind of got into that, so I worked with Kevin Kirk a little bit before I came into this stretch. Just working on getting my swing a lot more timed up and getting my ball striking more consistent. The putting and short game, that's always working on. But with ball striking, just trying to get it more consistent and trusting my lines a lot more and getting everything timed.

Swinging at 105 is pretty hard, but getting it as timed as I can.

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