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April 4, 2019

Jin Young Ko

Rancho Mirage, California

Q. 3-under round today. Conditions not easy. How would you assess the difficulty of the course and what worked well in your game today?
JIN YOUNG KO: Yeah, course was not easy all players, but I try hit the fairway; also hit the green. Two-putt is okay, so don't feel mad for tried on the course.

So three 6-putt or three 8-putt (sic) but scoring even or 1-under is fine. Also I don't have greedy on the course, greed. Course is hard, so I'm thinking always fairway hit, hit the fairway, also green, middle of the green. Like two-putt is fine. I'm good.

Q. Did you have a target in mind when you started today when you saw house the course was playing?
JIN YOUNG KO: My caddie knows really, really like this course. Also my goal was playing under par. Yeah, that's it.

Q. You say it's not playing easy. Course is a little bit longer this year; rough is a little thicker. Greens running pretty fast?
JIN YOUNG KO: Just first round, because first round getting will be faster, but today was not too fast to me. Also Jessica play with me. I think a little bit slower.

Q. Four birdies, one bogey. What was the longest putt you made today?
JIN YOUNG KO: Seven meters.

Q. Which hole?

Q. You birdied 17. How long a putt there?
JIN YOUNG KO: Three meters.

Q. You came very close to a birdie at the last.
JIN YOUNG KO: Yeah. I thought more right, but little bit more break. Should be fine.

Q. How long was that putt on 18?
JIN YOUNG KO: Four meter.

Q. So this is the first major of the year. Players always want to make a good start. You have to be very happy with your performance today.
JIN YOUNG KO: Yeah. Yeah, but I'm try thinking -- major this week, but try thinking about same players, same course, just a little bit different condition, difficult condition on the course.

So major, but I don't want to make pressure about major of the year. I don't like pressure on the course. Just like relax. I like relax.

Q. So you try to take the pressure off yourself, but you have been playing such good golf. You won the Founders Cup. Bunch of top 3s. It's not easy to not have high expectations.
JIN YOUNG KO: Always praying to the course, to the God also. I'm thinking just one by shot by shot. I don't like thinking about future.

Nobody knows about my future or your future, so I'm just trying to have finish on the course.

Q. Jin Young Ko, great playing today. What was the key to your round?
JIN YOUNG KO: I hit the fairway, so hit the green, two-putt. That's it.

Q. You been a rookie since last year, but you played in ANA since 2016. How has your game changed since 2016 to now?
JIN YOUNG KO: Yeah, my driving is really bit different 2016 and then now. So my caddie really knows about this course, so he help me on the course.

Q. You're playing fantastically recently. You've been in contention in nearly every tournament, building on your fantastic rookie year. What goals do you have for yourself for the rest of the season?
JIN YOUNG KO: My goal is happiness golfer on the course. I don't like too much pressure on this week. I play I'm playing same players, also like same course from last year, so I'm really try happy in the course.

Q. How do you keep yourself happy on the course?
JIN YOUNG KO: Praying on the course and hopefully ball going straight, hit the fairway. That's make me happy.

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