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April 2, 2019

Georgia Hall

Rancho Mirage, California

Q. Georgia, first major of the year. Tell us a little bit about how your game is.
GEORGIA HALL: Yeah, I feel hitting it pretty good. I'm really excited to be back here; third time playing ANA and I love the area, the golf course. It's in really good condition, so I'm really excited to tee off on Thursday and see what happens pretty much.

Q. What is it about this course you like and suits you particularly?
GEORGIA HALL: I say it's fairly long. The greens are pretty tricky; sometimes a bit hard to read. So I think that's key this week for my performance. I think definitely on the greens.

And I think the conditions are amazing. You got to be good off the tee because the rough is very thick.

Q. Obviously quite enjoyable tournament that you've enjoyed over the last years?
GEORGIA HALL: Oh, yeah. Like I said, the area, everything about it, the weather, is just amazing. Really enjoyable event and first major of the year, which is really exciting.

Q. You prepared a little bit differently this week. You've not gone to Kia. You had a week off. What have you been doing?
GEORGIA HALL: I practiced for a few days, but also made sure I had a few days off to relax and be fresh coming into the tournament and really kind of get used to these type of greens was very important. That's kind of the main reason why.

Q. And overall with how you started the year, you're playing well; you say you're not quite scoring as you want to. What are you working on?
GEORGIA HALL: Yeah, it's definitely there. My scores actually on 18 holes are very consistent; just not enough birdies. Think just like I said my putting definitely. My long game has improved, I think. A lot more consistent on my bad shots. To the edge of the green instead of kind of in the rough.

So I think that's the main strength at the moment for me. It's just the greens obviously are very fast and firm, so I think just on the putting side of things just getting more confidence on the greens.

Q. You got your dad back on the bag this week.
GEORGIA HALL: Yes, that's right. You know, he caddies for me a couple times of year.

Q. Generally couple of majors.
GEORGIA HALL: Yeah. I've got my mum and Harry here as well, so it's nice. My mum and dad have always come to this event. It's the only event they've always come to. It's nice. Kind of family and we rented a house, so it's a nice atmosphere as well. Nice for them all to be here.

Q. You feel like that's a very similar atmosphere to what was at RICOH last year?
GEORGIA HALL: Yeah, exactly the same people.

Q. That would be a nice similar result.
GEORGIA HALL: Well similar, yeah, would be great. Wouldn't mind.

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