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March 30, 2019

Danielle Kang

Carlsbad, California

Q. Tell me about your round today.
DANIELLE KANG: What did I shoot?

Q. You went 6-under.
DANIELLE KANG: I know that I didn't make any bogeys today. It wad a very solid round. I hit the ball phenomenal today. I had so many break chances. I missed a lot of short ones in the beginning, but I kept telling my caddie I'm not capitalizing on the short ones, but the greens are fast, they break a lot, so just got to trust your line, speed, and just hit it.

I'm sweating over three footers trying to hit it as close as possible so I don't have to mark the ball.

Q. We were talking to some other players about bumpy greens.
DANIELLE KANG: It's poa, so you kind of expect it to be a little bit bumpy. Hey, you got a pure roll, just got to work on speed. I'm just trying to hit it as close as possible, and I had an eagle that was really close. Before that I missed about a four-footer for birdie, so the next hole I hit it closer for eagle, so I was excited.

Q. Tell me about 16, that eagle.
DANIELLE KANG: I was really upset coming off 15.

Q. Why is that?
DANIELLE KANG: Because I missed another very short birdie opportunity. Didn't even hit the hole. I think I hit it -- I don't know, it gets in your head. I knew that I can hilt it on the green, and my caddie said, Just rip it right at it and I think you'll give yourself a chance at eagle. He's like, It's done. Don't live in the past. Looked straight forward, hit it really close, I heard the crowd, and it was an eagle.

Q. Yeah. You had an awesome round today, but like you were saying, you had a couple of disappointments. Do you go back through your shots to maybe focus, like refocus for tomorrow's round?
DANIELLE KANG: Yeah, we definitely review the golf course after the round, and we actually come up with a game plan before the round.

So today actually I hit the ball great. I think there was one missed club. We misjudged the wind. That was about it. The wind is kind of swirly around here, so can't be too upset about that. I was 100% committed and I pulled the trigger.

A bogey-free 6-under, can't ever be too upset. I know that I gave myself a chance for the run tomorrow. I think that getting myself back in contention was a huge thing. Yeah, so...

Q. What will you be focusing on tomorrow?
DANIELLE KANG: To be honest, I have a birdie bet going on with Maverick, so I got to keep making birdies. (Laughter.) I don't like to lose.

Q. What number you trying to hit?
DANIELLE KANG: I don't know, but he's 1-up on me before the round today and I don't know what he shot today. Need to ask if eagle counts as triple.

Q. What's your mindset going into next week?
DANIELLE KANG: Mindset going into next week is that the greens are pure, te course conditions are going to be absolutely amazing next week. So is this golf course. I know that golf course sets up really well.

This is actually the best I've ever felt physically and mentally, and really excited to play. I'm using this week as practice just in case anything I don't want to happen happens, which it does, especially on poa greens. Just got to let it go and get over it and move on.

I think I'm training myself pretty well. Excited for next week.

Q. We're here close to adidas golf. You're an ambassador for them. What was it like being able to kind of speak at the adidas women's event on Thursday and be a spokesperson for women in golf and sports?
DANIELLE KANG: I absolutely love the family of adidas. People are like, Can you go to dinner? No, I'm with adidas. Again? I've been hanging out with the adidas team every day, almost every day. They come out every day and they've been supporting me. They chose me to be one of the spokesmen for women's leadership day.

That was pretty incredible. There were a lot of different type of questions and a lot of feedback. I hope that I made an impact on what we're doing and what we can do and how it's going to be better.

I know we're trending in the right direction and making golf more of a trendy or modern sport. The adidas team and I sit and talk about clothing designs, and the fact that I wore this kind of outfit today, too. Just a little more casual, more relatable to a younger crowd. I'm just so happy to be in Carlsbad because my whole adidas team is here.

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