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March 29, 2019

Denis Shapovalov

Miami, Florida

R. FEDERER/D. Shapovalov

6-2, 6-4

THE MODERATOR: Questions, please.

Q. It was your first match against Federer. Did you enjoy it in some way? What will you remember from this game?
DENIS SHAPOVALOV: Yeah, definitely, it's always tough to lose, but, yeah, it's definitely enjoyable to be out there with your idol on the court.

I gave it all I had. He played a good match today. Yeah, that's it. That's all. That's all you can really say.

Q. First of all, you seemed like a very resilient player. What can you tell us, you went to the second game after you lose the first? Also, can you tell us about that moment when you do to the public, like this, how it was to...
DENIS SHAPOVALOV: Yeah, honestly, I was just trying to kind of get into the match. Obviously I started off a little bit tight. He started off pretty strong in the first.

So in the second set I tried to turn it around. Had a couple chances. Wasn't able to convert. Yeah, I did what I could. And with that moment, it was just kind of a fun moment. You know, I hit a ridiculous volley. I think even he said, No way, or something.

So, yeah, I just tried to get the crowd involved. Just have a little bit of fun.

Q. You have hit with him before, but what makes him so special if you compare him to other players?
DENIS SHAPOVALOV: I just think he has every shot mastered. When he needs a shot, he's going to make it. He's going to go for it, he's going to make it. Yeah, I don't think he has any weaknesses. That's why he's the GOAT.

Q. Last year you said that the clay court season was going to be, like, a first-learning-how-it-works season. What's it going to be this year?
DENIS SHAPOVALOV: Honestly, yeah, it's kind of a good part of the season for me, I think. I think I have proven myself on the dirt. I see that I can play on it and beat good players on it. So I'm really looking forward to.

Obviously it's a little bit of a different change of pace. Going to have to play a little bit differently than these couple of weeks. Yeah, I'm looking forward to it. I have had good success last year. It's going to be a good opportunity for me.

Q. You said yesterday it was like a dream you're going to play Roger. Did it feel like that in the first set? Did you enjoy a little bit more in the second?
DENIS SHAPOVALOV: For sure. For sure. Yeah, it's kind of surreal, being on the court against him. Obviously I wasn't trying to focus on the fact that it's Roger on the other side.

I was just trying to play as good as I can, and, you know, he did a good job today. He played an excellent match. I wasn't able to kind of stay at his level. So, you know, I'm just going to try to learn from this and move forward.

Q. Now that you played both Roger and Rafa, and obviously with different atmospheres there, because it was Montreal and a pro-Canadian crowd, but now that you have played both of them, do you have an appreciation of what you did against Rafa even more after playing Roger?
DENIS SHAPOVALOV: Um, no, honestly I think -- you know, my win over Rafa has always been a special thing for me. It's not like -- now that I see what Roger can do, I think more of my way and I know how good Rafa is and know what he has done in the sport.

That win is definitely a very special one for me, and it's always something I kind of look back into when I need a little bit of motivation. And when I'm doing a little bit of soul-searching, I look back into that moment, and it does fire me up.

Q. Did you have any specific plan or strategies playing against Roger, maybe coming to the net more often?
DENIS SHAPOVALOV: Try to hit four aces a game and hope he doubles (smiling).

No, I mean, yeah, there is a couple of things that I was trying to do out there that I talked with my team. But honestly, I was just trying to play my game and just, you know, be myself on court.

Honestly I don't think I was able to play at 100% at my level today, but, you know, that's why he's so good. You know, he didn't let me kind of get into my groove and get into my game. That's just, you know, it shows how experienced and how good he is.

Q. For you, what was the best moment in the match for you that you can remember from tonight?
DENIS SHAPOVALOV: The warmup (smiling).

Q. Obviously watching him play so much and knowing him, but being across the net, was there anything that surprised you in terms of the feel of the ball, anything that struck you as very different?
DENIS SHAPOVALOV: No, I mean, I have practiced with him a couple of times, so I kind of knew what to expect. I knew the ball coming off his racquet, it comes with a lot of pop, it's pretty heavy.

Yeah, it was no shocker, to be honest. But obviously, like I said, he's a very complete player. He has no holes in his game. Yeah.

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