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March 29, 2019

Henrik Stenson

Austin, Texas

Q. Many times in these matches pars are good, and sometimes win holes and matches. But today you threw 7 birdies against Jim Furyk. You won here on 14. Really dominated the match today.
HENRIK STENSON: Yeah, that's the best round of golf I've played all year for certain. And very pleased to put it together. It was called the "group of death" and I guess I managed to bring it to the other guys. It was always going to be a tough group. I think that was really inspiring on my end, being up against such great players. Yeah, I just happened to bring my best game.

Q. You've been here before to get in the Sweet 16. Obviously you're confident with your game as you head to the weekend?
HENRIK STENSON: Yeah, still I'm trying to keep expectations low. I haven't had a great start to the year. I've been working hard to try to get it to the right place. Certainly today I had some beautiful iron shots. I think I hit it within a foot four times on my approaches, which is good on any day anywhere.

So, yeah, very pleased with that and just trying to take it one day, one match at a time.

Q. How good was that today, please?
HENRIK STENSON: That was rather good. I don't know, do you want a figure? I guess we'll give it nine out of ten. Eight and a half, nine out of ten. Some of the shots were certainly ten out of ten. Very pleased with that. It was certainly the best round of golf I've played this year and it was right up there. I didn't give Jim much of a chance, I think, and I hit some fabulous iron shots. I think I stiffed it to within a foot about four times today. I hope we can keep some of that momentum going as the week goes on.

Q. Tee shot on 11 was quite nice, wasn't it?
HENRIK STENSON: Yeah, I think, I was just explaining to Glen, I don't make many hole-in-ones because I just get one hop and stop. And I think the flag was hiding behind the shadow of the ball coming down. So it looked very good from where we stood. And obviously it was spot on. Nice to get a kick-in birdie and Jim couldn't make his putt. So that was really -- felt like we got even more of a grip on 11, and then not giving away anything these last couple of holes here.

Q. Mickelson, Day and Furyk is a good three to beat. You can't really be fearful of anyone, you've got this momentum going, this confidence going.
HENRIK STENSON: Yeah, certainly today. I mean, that's, like I said, the best I've played this year. And just start building it bit by bit and getting some confidence back in the game feels great. But you can get it quickly and lose it quickly in this game. So I'm trying to keep expectations low and just go about my thing. It's the first time I've played this golf course. I haven't been here the previous years, so far so good.

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