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March 29, 2019

Henrik Stenson

Austin, Texas

Q. You said that was nearly flawless golf out there, (inaudible.)
HENRIK STENSON: Yeah, it's hard to put a fair number on everything, but my iron play I'd say was close to 10 out of 10 there today. I hit some lovely shots. I hit two wedges and two nine irons and we they were all gimmes. And then close to two hole-in-ones on 4 and 11 with those two 9-irons and they were both like this far away.

To hit shots like that when you need them is always pleasing and hit lovely driving iron into the 6th, even though Jim managed to get up and down and halve the hole with a birdie, I still hit some really good shots. Not every one of them were perfect, of course, but when you play rounds like that, it's definitely the best I've played this year.

Yeah, very happy to be able to put on a big fight and beat those guys in that group. Because there was a lot of talk about that being the group of death. So I don't know what that makes me, but I managed to come through and like I said, today this is the best I've played this year and it was the final match in the group stages, so very pleased with that. Looking forward to the rest of the week.

Q. (Inaudible).
HENRIK STENSON: Yeah, it's not been a great start to the year, we know that. Last couple of weeks there's been some good stuff and we've been working away, and you've got to stay patient. It's a long season ahead. And I think I've done this long enough not to panic, if you have a couple of scrappy months and struggling a bit, but it's more about getting clarity on what I need to do and seems like we're heading in the right direction because striking has been the one area that I've been the most unhappy about. Putting the last couple of years has been fairly solid, and you're going to have good weeks and bad weeks, we know that.

We keep on working away. It was a nice little confidence boost these last couple of days. I think I needed this, really, the match play format to be up against some really tough opponents really made me go out there and go after it. And it feels like I freed up a little bit and played some lovely golf.

Q. You've always like the knockout stages. You won in 2007.
HENRIK STENSON: Yeah, personally I prefer the knockout stages from the word "go". I would have been in the last eight now. Just wasting a day.

Yeah, and as we know, nothing I've done these first three days is going to matter when we tee it up tomorrow. We're going to have a new opponent, someone who's played really well to advance out of their group and we're starting all over again. So it's just nice to be out there early and play solid and finish early and I can do a little bit of light practice and relax and recharge for tomorrow.

Q. Weather forecast says it's supposed to drop 20 degrees tomorrow. Do you do anything different for your game tomorrow versus what you've done the last three days?
HENRIK STENSON: No, the warmup routines are the same. We'll just have to wait and see. I guess there could be a bit more wind. As of today it's still windy but it doesn't feel like it's quite as much as we had yesterday, and tomorrow might be a bit stronger again. It's a challenging golf course when the wind is blowing, and if you add a bit of cooler temperatures on top of that, I think it's just going to play a little bit longer and other than that, it's the same.

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