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March 29, 2019

Kevin Na

Austin, Texas

Q. Congratulations on the win here at 17. A lot of scenarios as you look up at the scoreboard today. But you had to win, you did that. And the way things played out with the other match, you're headed to the Sweet 16.
KEVIN NA: Yes, sir. I played well today. I made seven birdies. I played really, really solid. Last night I told myself, you know what, just bring your "A" game, play your game. And the other stuff then you've got no control over. I kept telling Bubba, "Make sure you show up tomorrow." (Laughter) And, you know, I played really good and Billy played well, too. We had a great match going. It was really close up until the end. And I made some clutch putts down the stretch. And I edged him out.

Q. Watch the highlights of Bubba's tee shot at 18 and you'll really be smiling as you start play tomorrow.
KEVIN NA: Were they all square going into 18?

Q. He was 1-up. But his tee shot got a big break, there.
KEVIN NA: I'll go give him a hug.

Q. Your thoughts now going to Saturday and your mindset?
KEVIN NA: You know, if I can just play like the way I did today, just stay in the moment. Stay within myself. And the way I swung it today, I took about five Advils before I teed off. I want to be pain free, and I just took as much painkiller as I could, and it worked out.

Q. Very, very strong play. We'll get to your play in a second because you were talking about that a second ago. But two FedExCup champions, also the defending champion here this week. You beat a very difficult group, how were you able to do it?
KEVIN NA: You know, I don't know. The first match against Bubba, obviously the defending champion, two-time Masters champion, I just played really well coming down the stretch on the back nine. He was playing really well on the front. I applied some pressure and got some good breaks and edged him out.

Yesterday my neck was feeling really bad. Not to make any excuses, but this morning I took five Advils before I teed off and I think it did the trick. I played awesome today. I think I made like seven birdies today. And I played fantastic.

Billy played well. He's a great player. We had it neck and neck, and coming down the stretch I made some key putts to edge him out.

Q. You were saying just as you came off the green how great you played today, making all those putts. How is it the ebbs and flows of match play lead you one day to not feeling well and playing poorly, and the next day coming back and playing so well?
KEVIN NA: Well, you know, this match you can lose and still advance or you can halve and still advance. There's a lot of scenarios going on. And obviously I want to thank Bubba for winning his match.

But it's just one of those things when you lose you've just got to forget about it. The next day is a new day. It's a total different mindset. And I was able to get it together and pull it out today.

Q. You're either going to play Gary Woodland or Justin Rose, does it matter at this point who you face in the round of 16 or is it all about you and why?
KEVIN NA: Yes and no. Obviously if I play like today I think I'm going to be tough to beat. But, you know what, today I just tried to play my game. I tried not to watch what Billy was doing so much. And I think that helped today just to play solid golf.

Q. You used the word "tough" a couple of times, it's a great description of the way you are and the way you play.
KEVIN NA: I'm a fighter.

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