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March 28, 2019

Leonard Hamilton

Terance Mann

Trent Forrest

Anaheim, California

Gonzaga 72, Florida State 58

THE MODERATOR: Once again we will open it up for a statement from Coach Hamilton. Coach?

LEONARD HAMILTON: I thought Gonzaga did a really good job early on in the half in the first part of the game, first half of managing the game a lot better than we did. They got more of what they have been accustomed to getting than we did. We've had a tendency all year, sometimes we shoot the ball extremely well. But we have had games where we have not performed very well, seem to be hesitant from the perimeter. I thought their defense had a lot to do with that because they played a contained defense and I thought that made our guys a little more tentative.

We dug ourselves a whole in the first half. Proud of my kids for coming back and cut to work the margin in the second half. But we came up short against a really good team.

Q. Coach, what did you tell them in the locker room that got them to knock down that deficit?
LEONARD HAMILTON: Well, under the circumstances we were playing with, we were not playing the way we like to play. Obviously, not to make any excuses, we were just down two guys in our rotation for the way we like to utilize our players.

So it kind of challenged us a little more tonight. I don't ever try to play guys 38 and 35 minutes. Obviously some people do that, but we're not accustomed to that. I just thought it affected us. But I was proud of our guys because I thought the second half where the game had gotten away from us a little bit our guys worked hard and cut the lead down but we couldn't seem to hit the open perimeter shots and that seemed to be what made the difference in the game, the inability to hit the wide life open shots.

Q. Did losing PJ Savoy to the injury hurt your rotation plan?
LEONARD HAMILTON: PJ Savoy and Phil Cofer are good shooters, and not having them challenged our rotation a little bit more than what I had expected it to. You can't use that as an excuse. This is a very good basketball team and they challenged us in every way possible and we got beat by a very good basketball team that executed their system better than we did and your hat has to go off to them. The best team over the west coast over the last ten years. They've done a great job building the culture and I got a tremendous respect for Coach Few and the job he has done and you gotta wish them well as they move through the tournament and they are a very well-coached basketball team. I thought his kids played very well.

Q. Trent, how did you guys get back in the game in the second half? What were the conversations like between you and your teammates at that time?
TRENT FORREST: We wanted to get out in transition, try to get easy baskets and we just wanted to space the floor and try to finding angles and continue to get paint touches and if we got a paint touch we were looking to finish or kick out for wide-open jump shots.

THE MODERATOR: Thank you, gentlemen.

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