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March 28, 2019

Keith Mitchell

Austin, Texas

Q. Tough match play opponent, what was the difference in this match?
KEITH MITCHELL: I really fought hard today. Some of the holes we didn't have our best, and some holes we had our best. That's match play. I think I probably scored a lot better against Tony yesterday, but today the conditions were tougher and I was playing a different guy. I'm glad I only had to two-putt that last one, though.

Q. Your whole pool is now 1-1. Anything can happen tomorrow, so how do you approach that?
KEITH MITCHELL: Same as today. I mean, I played great against Tony, he's a great player. And I played better today, against Ian, too. It's going to be tough playing against Kiz, because he's one of my good buddies. I would root for him if I wasn't playing him, so it's going to be tough.

Q. You haven't played match play since high school, so how have the last two days been for you?
KEITH MITCHELL: It's been tough. I felt like I've been playing against my competitor more than I have the golf course. Which is tough. But I played great yesterday against Tony, just got beat. And today I probably didn't score as well, but conditions are tough and my opponent was tough. Happy to just two-putt the last hole.

Q. Your thoughts on that match?
KEITH MITCHELL: It was tough. Ian's a great competitor and the conditions were brutal. Calmed down a little bit on the back and made a putt on 16 and carried momentum to 17 and 18.

Q. No normal player on course, comes in with a pretty impressive reputation, very difficult to handle out there, what was that like?
KEITH MITCHELL: He's known for being one of the best match play players of all time. And it's nice to play against a guy that good. And to come out on top is even better.

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