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March 27, 2019

Felix Auger-Aliassime

Miami, Florida


7-6, 6-2

Q. Were you surprised that it's come this quickly, how you've been able to come this far this fast?
FELIX AUGER-ALIASSIME: Yeah, for sure, especially today. Playing Borna, who's been established for a few years now, I definitely didn't expect to win.

I expected more, a set like in the first. But the second really surprised me. I felt like I had margin over him, had a bit of an edge. I just felt really comfortable out there from the first balls.

Q. What's the success in tiebreaks this year? Why so successful?
FELIX AUGER-ALIASSIME: I think I'm really serving well, so I think it's putting pressure on them. Seeing he double-faulted once in a tiebreak and missed a couple of groundstrokes that maybe he wouldn't normally.

I feel with all the matches that I've played obviously brings confidence at the end of sets like this when it's tight.

Q. If you look back on these matches, is there any specific one that you feel like, okay, I can keep winning or something peaks in your tennis?
FELIX AUGER-ALIASSIME: Yeah, a lot of things are working, obviously. I think I have been just improving in the last couple of weeks. But I don't want to look back right now. I think I will do at the end of the tournament. Right now I'm looking forward to the next match and how far I can go in this tournament. Definitely I will take some time back home to reset and think about what happened.

Q. It was a 20-point game like at 5-4 when you had a set point, and you lost it. That's normally a very tough game to take. How did you get over it so quickly?
FELIX AUGER-ALIASSIME: I feel like at 5-All, I feel like the best way to get a chance to win is refocus and calm down after this game, because if I kind of lose it there, then I probably lose the first set. But the best way for me, to give myself the best chance, is just to recover and think about how I can win now.

Q. You are the youngest player in the top of the world rankings now, youngest player to get this far in this tournament. What's that mean to you personally?
FELIX AUGER-ALIASSIME: You know, so much, obviously it's a privilege to be compared to all these great players. I think it just shows that I'm doing good things, I'm on the right track.

But, yeah, I think I'm seeing the long term, and right now I'm just enjoying, you know, enjoying every day, enjoying every match, because you never know what's gonna happen next. I'm really enjoying myself.

Q. How do you prepare to play Isner? How do you get ready to face that kind of serve?
FELIX AUGER-ALIASSIME: Obviously I think maybe I'll have to maybe adjust my return position. Maybe see the stats where he's serving best, look at the match how he played today in these tiebreaks, to see where he likes serving on important points.

From there, you know, just focus on myself, what I have to do first, and then figure out a way to break him.

Q. Bianca's win at Indian Wells. Now you're in the semifinals. Do you know how big of a deal this is in Canada? Are you getting lots of messages, people getting all over you?
FELIX AUGER-ALIASSIME: Pretty crazy. Everyone is super excited back home. It's great to hear all these good comments from them. It puts a lot of belief in tennis in Canada. I think all the Canadian players from the young kids to Denis and Bianca and I, there is a lot of belief right now, so it's great to see.

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