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March 28, 2019

Billy Horschel

Austin, Texas

Q. I know you're a football fan, we always talk about don't let last week's game beat you this week. I thought there could have been some hangover after a disappointing half yesterday against Jordan Spieth. But you took on the defending champion and closed him out on 17. Tell me about the match.
BILLY HORSCHEL: Today I played very similar to the way I did yesterday. I didn't give away as many holes as I did yesterday. Yesterday was disappointing. It was. Was I frustrated and pissed like I can be sometimes? No. It was just frustrating because I know I played well, and I felt like I outplayed Jordan, but sometimes it doesn't work that way.

So today I came out, Josh, Todd, my team, Bhrett McCabe, we all had a conversation, just keep doing the same thing. Don't come out, don't change anything, play the same exact way, and just clean up some of the execution errors.

I played very well today and I'm very happy with it.

Q. I admire your discipline. Did the golf course change much? Did you have more wind? Did it dry out at all?
BILLY HORSCHEL: The wind is blowing. The thing that's funny with these greens is I think the firmness, every one of them, is a little bit different. Is one going to bounce or is one going to release or hit and check-up type deal.

So it's a little bit of a guessing game, because I don't feel like every green is consistent, just seeing some pitch marks and everything. But the course is changing a little bit especially with the wind blowing as hard as it is. It's surely a challenging course when it blows this hard.

Q. Talk about the match tomorrow with Kevin, chance to advance.
BILLY HORSCHEL: Yeah, I knew yesterday that when Kevin beat Bubba and I halved it with Jordan, I still controlled my own destiny. So there was a lot of positives that I had to take out of yesterday against one negative, and that's halving the match type deal.

Coming out, great attitude, we did a lot of really good stuff, Josh and I did, and I really should have played flawless today. I think I made two bogeys possibly, one was a bad chip and the other one was I just sort of -- I hit three good shots and walked off with a bogey on No. 11. It's the way it goes sometimes.

I'm excited about tomorrow against Kevin. I love where my game is, and we're just going to do exactly what we've done the last two days.

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