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March 28, 2019

Justin Rose

Austin, Texas

Q. Give us your thoughts on the round.
JUSTIN ROSE: Yeah, obviously delighted to get a half. I mean, I was even trying to tell myself if I lost today, I still can come out tomorrow and beat Gary and get in a playoff situation, possibly. But the half point now means I've got to beat Gary on the first. It's very, very important.

I had a great match with Eddie. He's such a class individual, as well as player. To the point where you almost feel sorry for him by doing that to him over the last few holes.

I have to give a little credit to Fulchie Boy (Mark Fulcher), actually. He's been walking on the sidelines here and he kind of gave me a bit of a "come on" with four holes to play and lifted my spirits a bit and obviously fought hard for it.

Q. What about the conditions?
JUSTIN ROSE: It's tough. This is a really great golf course. It doesn't suit any type of player or any type of golf. It's really tricky right now. It's like a Valderrama almost in some ways. With the wind blowing, you've got to hit shots. By that I mean there's no standard stock shot out here, you're trying to hold it against the wind, knock it down. You're always trying to do something, fit the ball into the green. So it demands a lot of your game. The short game around here is really tricky, which is great preparation going into the Masters. You get a lot of similar style chips.

Q. 15th tee, 3-down against Eddie Pepperell, you won three of the remaining four holes. What did you find in that closing stretch to ultimately get it done?
JUSTIN ROSE: Some birdies, finally. I just said to the Sky Sports boys, I want to give some credit to Fulch, he's been walking on the sidelines, and gave me, "Come on, Rosie," 3-down, four to play. I could tell he hadn't up given up on me. That gave me a little -- picked me up a little bit and made me dig a little deeper possibly.

I said, I need to birdie the last four holes. I need to finish 3, 4, 2, 3, and we didn't birdie the par 5, otherwise I would've won the match. But my goal was to birdie, to birdie out. And obviously you set new intention. You kind of forget everything that's happened previously in the match and that's the way you've got to do it.

Great match with Eddie, he made it obviously very, very hard for me. The whole day he was just solid. His short game is so good. As you saw on 17 he's never out of the hole. Every time he missed a green he upped and downed it. So I had to win holes with birdies.

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