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March 28, 2019

Jim Furyk

Austin, Texas

Q. Knowing what Phil was capable of, how difficult was it staving him off on those closing holes?
JIM FURYK: Yeah, I think because of Phil's short game, because of his imagination, creativity, you're never comfortable. Even when it looks like he's in jail, I'm expecting him to pull off some amazing shots.

He did that on No. 1. He made a mistake. I was in jail and he played a wedge over the green, looked like he put himself in a difficult spot and knocked it up there a foot. I mean, the way he hit that shot, I don't know if there's ten guys on the face of the planet that could hit that same shot the same way. So he does stuff like that.

Yeah, it puts you on edge, but those finishing holes, I think really the difference, he hit a lot of good putts that did not go in. Happened to him early on 3 and 4. He had chances to take the lead. And putts looked like they were going right in the hole and somehow stayed out. Happened on 16. I hit a pretty good putt, and misread it. He did the same thing. I heard him tell Tim that it broke a lot more than he thought and crossed the hole. So difference I think for him. I probably saw a couple of putts go in that he didn't.

Q. Obviously the wind makes it a lot more difficult. Was that much of a factor today on the greens?
JIM FURYK: It did. I think it's unsettling. You catch some big gusts, that kind of wants to knock you around a little bit. I had that happen to me on 15 today where I had kind of a -- what felt like a pretty quick putt going down the hill short of the pin, and I got this giant gust while I was over, and now I'm kind of imagining in my head I'm going to roll it four feet by. I backed off, kind of got settled, and then I left the putt short. So it plays some tricks on you a little bit.

Q. Two 48-year-olds obviously out there today --
JIM FURYK: Why don't they call him the 48-year-old Phil Mickelson, why isn't that?

Q. Obviously you've been around for a while and are pretty good friends. What was dynamic like out there today?
JIM FURYK: Extremely friendly, as I would always expect. We've known each other for over 30 years now. Our wives are good friends. Our kids are friends. I have a lot of respect for him and as a person and his game. Everybody was really friendly. We talked about -- we talked about his Cavs some, his social media. We talked a little equipment coming up 18. So I think it was very friendly.

Q. Big match tomorrow. Your thoughts?
JIM FURYK: Yeah, it's going to be another tough match. I knew starting the week the three guys I have, let's be honest, there's no easy matches here. Jason Day, Henrik Stenson, Phil Mickelson. That's a tough group. So I'm fortunate for the first couple of days I got some bounces going my way. It's an interesting course. I've given some holes away, but I've kind of gotten some back. That's kind of the nature of this golf course, it's pretty severe in spots. So hopefully the ball bounces my way tomorrow and I'm hoping to play another solid round of golf.

Q. The way you've been playing lately, obviously you've got a lot of confidence in your game right now.
JIM FURYK: I feel like I'm swinging at it pretty good. I'm hitting the ball pretty solid. I guess I'm not really upset with anything right this second. I feel pretty consistent and pretty solid throughout my game. There's always stuff I want to improve on and I think I can get better. But I feel pretty well rounded right now.

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