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March 28, 2019

Justin Thomas

Austin, Texas

Q. Better results today? What went on out there today?
JUSTIN THOMAS: Yeah, I played well today. I thought I played the pretty well yesterday. I just didn't make any birdies. Match play when you make one birdie in 16 holes, that's usually not going to get it done. But yesterday Lucas was kind of -- he made a couple huge putts, 20, 30 footers that kind of stalled my momentum or killed it and felt like that was really the difference in yesterday's match. Whereas today I played solid. I felt I was in control of the match. He was having to make putts to halve holes instead of me having to make putts to halve holes. He hung in there very well. I was consistent enough to where I never really got out of control.

Q. And that kind of the biggest key, the control, you have the control and you're putting the ball on the fairway and the green, putting pressure on him?
JUSTIN THOMAS: Yeah, I think. The hard part for me is sometimes I get in a bad habit to try to play to the opponent too much. The golf course is very hard and when it gets windy like this it can be tough to make birdies. But I think sometimes if the person gets out of position, I'll play a little more conservative, then they get up and down, where I could have had a good chance to win the hole now I'm just halving it.

I try to stay in somewhat of an aggressive mindset and try to make birdies, but obviously not anything stupid. Anytime that you can have your opponent having a lot of putts to halve holes it's usually a good signs.

Q. Right back in the mix to move on tomorrow.
JUSTIN THOMAS: Yeah, just any key is going to win this match today and then I at least can assure myself of a chance of a playoff, which is all I can ask for. Yeah, I mean I feel a lot better than -- than what the match showed yesterday. I don't know, I feel a lot better. I was a lot more positive, a lot more upbeat today and I feel like it showed.

Q. It was a lot more blustery out there today. How much more difficult is this course when it's like this?
JUSTIN THOMAS: It's very is similar to yesterday. Maybe just five mile an hour or so. It's very tough. The hardest part it putting. I hit a putt on 27 today, had a very makeable, 20, 22 or so footer, and I had the wind gust right when I hit it and I left it ten feet short, it wasn't even remotely close. Stuff like that that you can't control is sometimes maybe a viewer or spectator doesn't exactly understand. But when you're trying to read putts and you have to factor in the wind it makes it very difficult.

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