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adidas International

January 9, 2001

Serena Williams

Venus Williams


THE MODERATOR: Questions for Venus and Serena, please.

Q. Did that feel like a good match to be proud of?

VENUS WILLIAMS: I don't think we were just not part of the match at all. I don't really feel like we were part of the match. I mean, I think the question was posed like were we just happy to be out there. We weren't. We were playing pretty good.

Q. I don't think that's what he meant. I think we all thought it was a fabulous match, great tennis. We wondered if even though you lost, you felt the same thing?

VENUS WILLIAMS: No, we did our best. We always do. Today, just didn't pull in the win.

Q. Did you get the sense that this was quite a major occasion in terms of four winners of Grand Slams, all of that?

VENUS WILLIAMS: Well, it was a night match. People were really out there.

SERENA WILLIAMS: I never really thought about it like that myself. But --

. VENUS WILLIAMS: We were the wildcards in.

SERENA WILLIAMS: With Venus, it was Venus' first match back since October.

VENUS WILLIAMS: I was a little bit shaky sometimes, let Serena down sometimes. But I tried to pull it through.

Q. What was it like being out on the same court where you won Olympic Gold?

VENUS WILLIAMS: You know, it's been tough coming back here because the Olympics, it was so exciting. We were so involved with the whole Olympic spirit that it was tough at first with this just not being the Olympics. But we got through that and we accepted it, that it's a match.

Q. Is there any consolation that the winning streak came (inaudible)?

VENUS WILLIAMS: What winning streak?

Q. You won some of your matches in 15 straight.


SERENA WILLIAMS: We're going to start again in Melbourne. We should be back to 6 or 7, and by the French we should be back on a roll by the end of the year.

VENUS WILLIAMS: We're confident we'll do a lot better. They played real nice. They played very consistently. Sometimes we just didn't play as a team.

SERENA WILLIAMS: We're glad we got this under our belt. We don't usually practice doubles. This was a good match going into the Open, so...

VENUS WILLIAMS: We definitely learned from our mistakes in the match. I really feel like sometimes it's better to lose, you lose a battle --.

SERENA WILLIAMS: -- And later on we can definitely win the war.

Q. Do you intend to play a lot more tournaments this year than you did last year?


SERENA WILLIAMS: Not really. Just enough.

VENUS WILLIAMS: I refuse to kill myself. If I don't feel I can play or if I'm hurt or injured or even tired, I won't force myself to do anything. I love my life, and tennis is just not my life and it never has been.

Q. So how many tournaments do you intend to play this year?

SERENA WILLIAMS: We'll just play the Grand Slams. (Laughter.) We got our ranking now.

VENUS WILLIAMS: As far as doubles, you mean?

SERENA WILLIAMS: As far as doubles, yeah, just the Grand Slams.

VENUS WILLIAMS: We'll do our best to compete in as many as we can.

SERENA WILLIAMS: It gets annoying to play singles, because we're always winning tournaments in the Finals. Then we're playing doubles --

. VENUS WILLIAMS: There's a lot of scheduling conflicts.

SERENA WILLIAMS: A lot of matches that end up being under your belt. We just like to focus on singles mainly.

VENUS WILLIAMS: We get injured a lot, so we have to save our bodies.

Q. On that subject, how is your ankle, Venus? Is it your ankle you've been having trouble with at the end of the year?


SERENA WILLIAMS: I don't think she has an ankle problem.

VENUS WILLIAMS: That wasn't me. That was someone else.

SERENA WILLIAMS: A perpetrator.

Q. At the Chase Championships --


SERENA WILLIAMS: That was someone else.

VENUS WILLIAMS: Maybe that was someone else.

Q. Venus, is this going to be enough preparation for you for the Australian Open?

VENUS WILLIAMS: I definitely think so. I got my attitude back at the end of the match, just really getting back in there. It was actually a real nice match for me.

Q. Pretty tense, though. (Inaudible)?

VENUS WILLIAMS: If I'm not ready by now, then I should just go home.

Q. How many singles tournaments do you both expect to play this year?

VENUS WILLIAMS: As many as I'm physically able to handle.

SERENA WILLIAMS: Full scheduling.


Q. Venus, will you now go straight to Melbourne, or will you stay here and practice with Serena?

VENUS WILLIAMS: I'm staying here.

Q. You're going to stay here as long as Serena stays?

VENUS WILLIAMS: Yeah. I should be here for a while. She's the best practice partner one can have.

End of FastScripts....

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