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March 26, 2019

Roberto Bautista Agut

Miami, Florida

R. AGUT/N. Djokovic

1-6, 7-5, 6-3

THE MODERATOR: Questions, please.

Q. What was the key to turning that match around? How much did the rain help you?
ROBERTO BAUTISTA AGUT: Well, the key of the match was at the beginning of the second set, no? If I wanted to win the match, I had to be very close at the score. Otherwise Novak, when he gets an advantage, he plays really aggressive.

As you see, the first set I couldn't play at the same level.

Q. What did you change in your game to make it closer?
ROBERTO BAUTISTA AGUT: I played more aggressive. I tried to miss less balls, to be really concentrate on the beginning of the point with my serve, with my return. Well, at the end, it worked well.

Q. How important was the win earlier this year on a similar surface with Novak?
ROBERTO BAUTISTA AGUT: Well, the conditions here are much slower, more much slower than in Doha. It took me a while to get used to the conditions, to the center court. Today was more humid, more hot in the court.

It helped me at the end of the match, no? I had confidence to play at a really high level at the end of the match, and I could close the match well with my serve.

Q. What is it about your game that matches up well with Novak? You have beaten him I think three times now when he was No. 1 in the world.
ROBERTO BAUTISTA AGUT: Well, I think it's because I'm doing great things, practicing well, I'm working hard, and then I'm happy that then I can show up on the tennis court.

Q. Is there something about Novak as an opponent, though, that you like compared to, I don't know, Nadal or Federer? Something about the Novak game that matches better with yours?
ROBERTO BAUTISTA AGUT: Of course there are some players you feel better to play against them and some less, no?

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