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March 26, 2019

Eddie Pepperell

Austin, Texas

EDDIE PEPPERELL: It's very different. I've haven't played match play for I'm thinking a decade or so, since I was a amateur. Actually, no, we nearly lost last year, me and Matt. So my last memory is not really good, actually.

I mean out here, you know, all these guys are very good golfers. So I think you're taking it with a pinch of salt. Anything can happen on the day. You've just first of all got to make sure that you play well. But I've historically loved match play. So it will be nice to -- hopefully we can use some of those positive memories and get positive.

Q. When you're out there, it's very friendly, but inside you're a professional sportsman, you want to win, don't you?
EDDIE PEPPERELL: Yeah, you do. I think that's going to be the hardest thing for me this week. I don't know how competitive I am. I think I'm competitive. But the position these guys are in, I don't know. It can sometimes be hard to be positive because they're golfing very lovely. So the do-or-die nature of the event somewhat I would say dampened the -- I mean, I say that, but then again if you stand on the tee, there might be more positive juices flowing. It's hard to say. I don't want to speculate a bit.

Q. Take us back a couple of weeks, how special that was, because some of the things you said there were certain elements that you sort of opened up to by playing at that level tournament. But what was it like and what are your thoughts looking back?
EDDIE PEPPERELL: The only thing I opened up the possibility of playing on Sunday because I was so terrible tee to green, not because of the fact that it was at Sawgrass. It was a bizarre week, I didn't feel like I played very good. I was ready to go home pretty early in the week. And then before you know it, I found a good run here and there on a Sunday, and I'm on 18 tee tied for the lead, thinking, don't hit it left. I mean, it was bizarre, really. One of those weeks I wouldn't be able to say I expected or saw it coming, because I really didn't.

It was a lot of fun, that's for sure. Playing with Justin on Sunday was great. Yeah, just obviously 17 was a pretty magical moment for me. And I had a lot of people at home saying how much they enjoyed it.

Q. You're pretty level-headed, but what are you thinking, this could be the norm, the level you've achieved. Are you prepared for the next journey? Two weeks time you're going to go to Augusta?
EDDIE PEPPERELL: Yeah, I mean I think I'm prepared for it. I don't think too much about those things, so I like to just play golf and make sure I'm playing as good as I can. And the good thing is as I'm getting a bit older, it seems that the results are coming better, and better results are coming as I tend to reach the levels that I want to reach, let's say. So that's nice. And the fact if it does is great, and if not, so be it. I'm going to let that stuff come to me, really.

Q. You reached a nice level, didn't you, at the British Masters, how special was that?
EDDIE PEPPERELL: That was nice, just leading the week, feeling very comfortable in that position, I actually expected myself to win from the Thursday. It was quite nice. I definitely had some confidence that week that I hadn't felt very often before. And just the whole feeling of the week was very nice. We had a good time. I'm looking forward to going back to Hillside this year and trying to upset the northerners.

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