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March 24, 2019

Louis Oosthuizen

Palm Harbor, Florida

Q. You finished the day, you're still in it, how was the round for you?
LOUIS OOSTHUIZEN: Yeah, it was, I played nicely. I kept in there and kept grinding it out and there was a few crucial shots I missed but ended up making up-and-down. I hit four good tee shots on 16 and I bogeyed it all four days, so I would love to come back next year and try and make a par on that hole. But, yeah, I really muscled it out and the way I was swinging it the first two days, I can't be unhappy with where I am now.

Q. Can you shed light on how difficult this course played coming down the stretch on the back nine with these conditions?
LOUIS OOSTHUIZEN: Well it's just, I think it's difficult as well because it's so bunched up, so you know if you make a bogey you are, you're losing so many spots on the field. I mean the greens were firm and we got to 12 and the wind changed completely on us what it was supposed to do, but it's difficult hitting the tee shot downwind and all of a sudden the second shot you're hitting into the wind. But, yeah, it was, it's such a good golf course, you need to be in play off the tee and then you can sort of try and position yourself.

Q. Did the shot on 1 at all change your outlook on the day?
LOUIS OOSTHUIZEN: I hit such a good tee shot and I was very disappointed with the 5-iron I hit, but then, yeah, I made the eagle and thought, couldn't ask for a better start, and just went on from there. I played decent, I mean I did nothing spectacular, but when I missed the green I managed to up-and-down. And 16 again, probably going to be one short, but it's just, it's such a good hole and I was in that rough and couldn't control what the ball was going to do. I pitched it perfect where I wanted to and had a horrible lie on the little chip shot.

Q. Did you consider putting it from there as opposed to use the fairway wood?
LOUIS OOSTHUIZEN: There was too much grass behind the ball. It was lying -- it looked like a scuff mark with their feet -- and it was right in between grooves. And I practice that 3-wood shot a lot, I've had good success with it this week and it just came out -- I saw all the grass behind the ball and I just gave it a little bit too much and I don't think I would have chipped it any closer. And Greg had the right line on the putt, I vetoed him and went my route and I was wrong, so one of those.

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