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March 24, 2019

Jason Kokrak

Palm Harbor, Florida

Q. I know that wasn't the finish you wanted obviously, but what a weak for you, you played such tremendous golf on a very difficult golf course, also had a hole-in-one yesterday too, not bad all in all.
JASON KOKRAK: Yeah, it's a nice week, not the way I wanted to finish, I really gave it a good run on 17 there, I hit a good shot on 16, played good golf all week, just not the way I wanted to finish. Just a little bit of tough read and didn't hit it as firm as I needed to.

Q. Seems like eventually this tournament's going to be yours, third top-10 finish at this event. Something special about this place for you.
JASON KOKRAK: I like it. I mean I like golf courses like this, that you don't have to shoot 20-under par. So all in all it's another good week, another stepping stone, I'm getting more and more comfortable, it's just, I can't break through or -- well, I don't even know what's going on back there, but, yeah, just not the greatest of finishes.

Q. This one feel a little bit different for you coming down the stretch versus some of the other times that you've been in the mix?
JASON KOKRAK: Yeah, for sure. Getting more and more comfortable being in that position and with my game. Irons were good, just I think I caught something in between the face and the club on that last shot there, quit on it a little bit, but all in all a good week and another stepping stone towards hopefully that first win.

Q. How aware were you of your position on the leaderboard playing 18 and then over that birdie putt?
JASON KOKRAK: I kind of knew, I glanced over, I'm not really -- I'm one of the ones that I would like to know where I'm at, what I need to do, so I just didn't execute the shot that I needed to and got to hit it in the fairway here to score and make birdies.

Q. How difficult was it playing coming down the stretch in these conditions with how difficult this course can play?
JASON KOKRAK: Oh, it can play extremely difficult because some of the pin positions were borderline today, as far as pin position, slope and then the amount of grass that is around them, they're baked out, they get extra fast around them, so the superintendent had the golf course in great shape today, so again, another good week and another stepping stone.

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