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March 23, 2019

Drew Foster

Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania

184 pounds

THE MODERATOR: Drew Foster, you're a national champion. What does that mean to you and to your program?

DREW FOSTER: It means a bunch. But I can't take all the credit at all. I got teammates I work out with. I have coaches that believe in me, that help coach me.

Just a shoutout to Randy Pugh. The guy's believed in me since day one, been by my side. Been in my ear -- he was in my ear the whole match. I owe that guy a lot. I owe my teammates a lot, my family, and all the support from the Panther Train. This is definitely bigger than me. It's a Panther Train, that's what this is.

Q. Second in state to national championship. How does that happen?
DREW FOSTER: A lot of belief, not only self-belief, coach believing, university believing, teammates, my family members. The whole community believing. When you've got that kind of backing, it's hard not -- it's hard to get beat when you've got that.

Even if you do get beat and you're not losing, you always have people to fall into that will pick you right back up. And we've got that right here.

Q. Do you think about if you're going to continue wrestling or not? You've reached the top of this level of the sport. Obviously your coach was an Olympian and you're in the part of the country where there's a lot of people that do the freestyle. Is that something you've thought about now that you've reached this goal?
DREW FOSTER: Yes. I've already had it planned out to where I want to be sticking around. I have to do my student teaching this fall to I complete graduation. So I'm going to be sticking around and helping out with the program and being part of PWC.

I definitely want to give back to the guys that have contributed so much to me. And that's just my big goal in life is to impact people. And there's many ways to do it through teaching is one and hopefully through my coaching, if I go down that route.

Q. Talk about that last sequence there, what a tremendous re-attack. The score, the clincher, can you walk us through that sequence?
DREW FOSTER: That's practice. That's practice from habits. That's coaches putting us in situations where it's a tie match and you've got to go get a score with 30 seconds, with a minute or whatever it is. Me and Randy have been working on just circling left, a quick little snap, jab, shoot.

That's what I think it was, so I thought that was a takedown the other day, and he told me that wasn't what I did. I think that one was. I'm not for sure, though. I have to go back and watch.

Q. You lost to Dean at West Gym and won it here of course. What did you learn from that match that you applied here?
DREW FOSTER: Just fighting through everything, especially on bottom. That was the biggest difference. He rode me out in West Gym. He was driving me hard. That was a game-changer in that match.

And I didn't ride him that well there. I rode him tough tonight. And I got moving on bottom. And that proved to be the difference.

Q. I've got a story Randy shared with me earlier when he was calling to ask guys when he was recruiting you what kind of guy he was, and every story he got was, great kid but he's not a Division I wrestler. What do you have to say about that?
DREW FOSTER: What's up?

[ Laughter.]


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