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March 23, 2019

Carlota Ciganda

Phoenix, Arizona

Q. What is the difference in the feeling with the putter when you putt like today as opposed to yesterday?
CARLOTA CIGANDA: It's a lot of fun. When you make putts it's great. I been playing great, hitting lots of green, so it was a matter of making putts. I think I been very patient, 4-under on the front, and then I didn't make any birdie until the par-3, 14, really good shot there; tap in.

Then they put the tee up on 15, so I hit driver, 7-iron; made a good putt for eagle.

Good birdie on 16.

Good to finish with that birdie on 18.

Q. You told me yesterday when you play your best golf you prefer chasing instead of being in the lead. How do you take that same chaser mentality into one of the final groups tomorrow?
CARLOTA CIGANDA: Yeah, I think it's not going to be easy if you are leading. Going to have people making birdies behind. I'm just going to try to play my game, hit as many fairways and greens as I can, and give myself lots of chances. Hopefully I can make enough to win the tournament.

Q. (Regarding her caddie - indiscernible.) Does his experience being in that situation so often rub off on you, and does it help you much?
CARLOTA CIGANDA: Yeah, he helps me a lot. He's so experiences and he's so calm. I think for a Sunday that's what you want. There is going to be a little bit adrenaline and maybe rusty, so I think having him is going to help me a lot. He knows the course very good.

Q. Bank of Hope Founders Cup current leader Carlota Ciganda; 9-under par today. What was working?
CARLOTA CIGANDA: I think my putting. My putting was really good today. I hit it pretty close, to be honest. Played really good the par-5s. Shot 4-under, so always helps.

I been just very patient, trying to hit fairways, greens, and then I made a few putts out there, so it was a good round of golf.

Q. One of those par-5s was the Aon Risk Reward Hole No. 15. Walk us through your strategy on that hole.
CARLOTA CIGANDA: Yeah, so they put the tee up today. It was playing a little shorter, so I knew if I hit a good driver it was going to be a short iron. I hit a very good driver, a little bit right center of the fairway, and then I had 158 meters to the pin, so it was great for 7-iron.

I hit to maybe to three, four meters, 12 foot, and yeah, I made it. That give me a little bit of momentum going, and very good birdie on 16.

Then it was great to finish with that birdie on 18.

Q. How do you take that birdie on 18 and that feeling into tomorrow?
CARLOTA CIGANDA: To be honest, I'm feeling good. Making those putts at the end, they're going to give me some confidence for tomorrow. I'm going to just try to keep to the same: hit fairways, hit greens, and be very patient of know people are going to make birdies because you can make lots of birdies here.

I don't want to focus too much on the others. Just play my game and see what happens.

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