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March 23, 2019

Jeff Judkins

Brenna Chase

Caitlyn Alldredge

Stanford, California

BYU 73, Auburn 64

THE MODERATOR: We are joined by BYU head coach, Jeff Judkins and student-athletes Caitlyn Alldredge and Brenna Chase. We will start with an opening statement from Coach.

JEFF JUDKINS: Thank you. First of all, I'm very happy. This was a great win for our team. Auburn is a very, very good team. That quickness is a lot quicker in person than it is watching film.

I thought my team did a great job. I want to congratulate Auburn for making the NCAA Tournament and really having a great team.

You know, it's just been one of those years with these guys and they have made it exciting. Of course they had to do it today. That's why I don't have any hair, because of what those guys do! (Chuckles.)

I'm so happy for them because they could have got down and got upset with each other, but they didn't. They bounced back and that's what they've done all year and these two next to me, I mean, them starting for me and scoring points, that's awesome, but congratulations to them.

Q. Talk about the first part of the game, first maybe half of the first quarter, you're getting killed on the boards, but they're missing their shots and maybe midway through the quarter some adjustments it looked like you made, so what kind of adjustments did you make there in the first quarter?
UNIDENTIFIED SPEAKER: I would have to say we had to get used to playing against their pressure and kind of how they played. We don't play a lot of teams with their quickness and size and rebounding, so I think we had to adjust to it and once we got there we were all right from there.

UNIDENTIFIED SPEAKER: Yeah, I think especially since we play small and they just have two big posts down below it took us a while to get into the rotation where we were getting everybody boxed out and find the boards and we did find it and we used it.

Q. Brenna, you guys were down 11-5 early and you took a shot that seemed like it was 5 feet behind the line. Take us through that?
BRENNA CHASE: I'm going to be honest, I don't know where I'm usually shooting it. But if I get an open look I believe in myself and I'm going to put it up. Shooters gotta shoot. I took it and my team believed in me, so that was nice.

Q. Caitlyn, third quarter you guys took off, you were part of that, got a three-pointer and a couple of layups off the break. What did you make adjustment-wise at halftime?
CAITLYN ALLDREDGE: We executed 100% and we ran plays that she threw up and executed and we started pushing in the press and finding the gaps and it helped.

Q. Caitlyn, what was going right for you scoring-wise?
CAITLYN ALLDREDGE: Being the big that has to take it out a lot I don't get that opportunity but when they were missing their boards and we were able to run I was able to be up there and be like a guard again and get some of those layups.

Q. The defensive game plan it looked like you guys played a little bit more zone there, but it was aggressive. You guys were getting hands on shots, hands on passes, so can you talk about that a little bit? What you were trying to accomplish there?
UNIDENTIFIED SPEAKER: Well, we actually practiced a lot of man this week, but our zone has been our fallback and it's always been very aggressive. So I think once we went into that they not didn't necessarily know how to handle it and it was really good for us. It definitely helped us keep them from getting to the bucket which they are very good at.

UNIDENTIFIED SPEAKER: When we can keep Sara and Shaylee in the paint you can't get in there.

Q. Third quarter really turned the game around, was the mark of the game for you guys. What happened to you guys out at halftime? What were the adjustments and what led to that big third quarter?
CAITLYN ALLDREDGE: I think we talked a lot about not fouling, rebounding and getting back in transition. We had been able to break their press, but once we finally got boards on the defensive end we were able to push the ball more and like she said, she was running the floor well and we got a lot of looks in transition in the third quarter.

Q. Brenna, you're normally known as a shooter, you put up good points today but you had a couple of blocked shots and defensively. I see Caitlyn nodding her head she is agreeing with me but defensively something was different. What was your mindset on the defensive end?
BRENNA CHASE: I mean, I want to help my team as much as I can, so I'm going to do everything I can in my power to tip the ball, get steals, keep my man in front of me. I'm just trying to do my part on the defensive end.

THE MODERATOR: Thank you, ladies. Questions for Coach?

Q. Coach, why don't you talk about the adjustments there midway through the first quarter after kind of they got off to the good start on the rebounding and they were kind of disrupting you guys a little bit with their pressure?
JEFF JUDKINS: Kind of what Brenna said. We worked all week playing our man-to-man against them. We felt it could do a good job of containing them and keeping them off the boards. As we well know things change in games and what Sara got her second foul it forced me to do things I didn't want to do and got her second foul. So I had to be careful with that. So we went in the zone and I could tell they were struggling a little bit attacking it and thought, hey, we'll play until they start hitting shots, whatever, and they really kinda got them out of rhythm where they weren't. I think the one thing it did was helped us get rebounds, maybe because Sara was more in the middle and not running out there guarding pick on balls, maybe that was part of it.

The one thing we have and a lot of people don't notice it until they play us is we have size in the middle and my guards, Shaylee and Brenna are very, very long. They showed that tonight with blocking shots, contesting shots, getting deflections and next year when I get this young freshman to figure things out we will be long everywhere and that will make a big difference, but tonight I thought they did a really good job being active. We got beat through penetration too much but for the most part we were very, very active.

Q. Brenna has been good most games, but at present seemed today she kind of led the charge and came out with a strong mentality. Can you comment on her play and what she was able to do leading you guys?
JEFF JUDKINS: I think you saw a player that didn't panic with the pressure. That's why I put her back as my back to start the game, because I knew Shaylee would drive it up and they would trap her and she would put it back and I wanted to make my best playing there for decisions and had he made side passing middle passes and she is good enough. She can dribble. The problem is she wasn't getting the ball and they were denying her.

Brenna has done that all year. Her point guard instincts have paid off and I have two point guards. Shaylee and her that have been used to doing that and it made a big difference tonight. Brenna, everybody thinks Brenna's jump shot, but when it comes down to it, Brenna is the best passer of pick-and-roll on our team and they say the best passer and making decisions ahead of her. I think some of those things people don't really understand.

The last three games Brenna has played really good for us and she has to. You're in the NCAA Tournament you're playing the best teams in the country. You've got to show up and you gotta be able to show up and do the things that the team counts on you for. Tonight was not Paisley's night, but Brenna and Caitlyn stepped it up and that's why this team has been so successful.

Q. Coach, one of the things you talked about this week was playing your game. Did you feel like the first half things, you were playing your game, but be not making shots and that changed in the second half? What do you do especially that third quarter to play your game?
JEFF JUDKINS: I think the first half, especially the first quarter there was three things we wrote on the board to concentrate on in this game, one was turnovers and not for easy baskets, the second was offensive rebounds and not letting them put back and the third was foul. It's funny as a coach when you write those three things on the board they seem for some reason to let those three things happen. Maybe I need to write something else and they will focus on that. The 5-minute timeout, they came over and I said we talked about these three things, we are not doing it. If we want to win this game we've got to change. I think they've taken a lot of my advice during the year and really tried to listen and do it and I think they came out and focused on that. Shaylee was a big part of that first half.

Sara gets two fouls and that's what people don't realize. I got a kid who started for two-thirds of the season sitting on the bench who has been a season kid and she came in and played outstanding. She is not as good in the zone and active because she doesn't have the length, but offensively she rolls the basket very, very hard and sets tough screens and tonight she got herself open for it. That's what this team has done all year and we kinda do the bigs by committee. And they've all really, really done their part.

Q. Late in the game couple of breakdowns against the press, Sara hands the ball off and they get back into it and get it down to 4.

Q. Was there any adjustment at that point? Was it just, hey, we're going to be fine just keep doing what we're doing?
JEFF JUDKINS: I really tried to not use Sara as much as we did earlier because of the pressure. I tried to get it in my guards' hands a little bit more and tried to dribble through it a little bit better. That's where Brenna and Maria helped us. Sara will learn. She hasn't had this kind of pressure where she gets it and everybody is running at her and she just kind of panics. One thing she is good at is she is a big target. You get stuck and there's your outlet, throw it up in the air and let her go get it. She'll get stronger in making those decisions and she is a good passer. As you noticed tonight she got a couple of rebounds and kicked it out to Brenna or Shaylee and they hit a three. She is really good at that, so she should be good in the press where she can flash and make those decisions. You gotta give Auburn, they're quick.

We really don't see that. We don't see that, you know, in our league. To be able to play with those kinds of athletes and it's not just the guards, their bigs are athletic and they can move and trap and it's -- it's really hard. I got a freshman point guard who played at Arizona, probably didn't see it either. It's tough. Hopefully this will get us better for the coming future.

THE MODERATOR: Thanks, Coach.

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