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March 23, 2019

Louis Oosthuizen

Palm Harbor, Florida

Q. I know that Snake Pit can be tough at times, but as far as that front nine is concerned, five birdies and a sizzling start to your third round.
LOUIS OOSTHUIZEN: Yeah, it's, you know, I wasn't expecting anything like that after the way I was swinging it yesterday and barely making the cut, I had to really fight to be in this tournament or be or play on the weekend, but, yeah, kind of sort of just had a quick routine, didn't do much, just sort of reset my mind and then, yeah, I played really good on the front nine and up until -- 13 I think I played really nice and then just had the 3-putt on 16 sort of hurt the momentum. I had a putt on 15 that I thought could have gone in and then 18, the lie I had on my second shot was, could kind of do anything, it was maybe going to jump and I sort of just guessed what it was going to do and I guessed wrong.

Q. Aside of that, at 13, you electrified the crowd with that shot, the wide stance, the open face and it's right in the hole.
LOUIS OOSTHUIZEN: Yeah, like I said, after yesterday I had a lot of practice around these greens and I sort of, I've been working on those shots for a long time now and this week I feel like the turf is allowing me to really judge it pretty good.

Q. Did you see this coming?
LOUIS OOSTHUIZEN: No. Not after yesterday. I said to Steve, yesterday was probably the worst display of ball striking I've ever done and then coming out today sort of just try and reset myself this morning, just did a quick warm-up, not anything fancy and just went out without thinking about anything, just playing. And then I started hitting my irons a lot better and luckily it's a golf course where you don't have to hit driver all the time so you can get away with hitting 3-wood and 3-iron on some holes and I started hitting better iron shots. I feel comfortable on the greens putting and around the greens, my short game's been really good.

Q. What was that like to be just one above the cut line and so close to the lead at the same time. Even though you weren't swinging it great.
LOUIS OOSTHUIZEN: It's always been that type of golf course where you can, I mean, just make the cut and you can almost lead after the third round if you have a day that I had today and just maybe a better finish. I think anyone within five shots of the lead tomorrow has got a chance of winning it. So that's, if you go out -- I said last night, it will be great shooting like 2-, 3-under today and go out and shoot that 64 on Sunday and probably sit out here for two and a half, three hours and eventually winning. I think it's that type of course and it will be very exciting tomorrow.

Q. Did you need to see a round like this for you know own sanity?
LOUIS OOSTHUIZEN: I needed it, I needed it. There was not many people more disappointed than I was yesterday, the way I was hitting it and I needed something like this just to get me back on track again.

Q. Did the second shot on 3 provide any momentum for the rest of your round?
LOUIS OOSTHUIZEN: Oh, yeah, yeah, it was, you know, it was -- I didn't know it was that close at the end, but I got there and it was a tap-in. That was a great shot. I mean I missed the green every day, just struggling on my eye with where to start it and then I'd make a poor swing. And it was a wedge just straight up to the middle and I just drifted it to the right and I hit it perfect and small little things like that where you're trying a difficult shot for you and it comes off, I think you can take a lot more out of that than other shots that you, that looks great on TV but it was just a straightforward shot. So it's a shot I've been working on and it came out nicely and it ended up being a tap-in, so it was great.

Q. How's your overall health?
LOUIS OOSTHUIZEN: Good, yeah, no, I'm good, I just need to swing it better. But today was good. Today just went out and played, so maybe stop thinking about things and I think everyone, a lot of guys are thinking about Augusta all the time, I am, so I think it's just forget about it and start playing day-to-day and when Augusta comes, it comes.

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